June 2, 2021 – A brand new experience is coming. The first Ticket To Ride brain teaser puzzle game has been announced. Ticket To Ride “Track Switcher” will be released in October of 2021. Publisher Days of Wonder announced the news on their site with a trailer and tons of information..

This is a brand new thing that is completely separate from any other Ticket To Ride game that ahs been released. In Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher, players will use cognitive skills like logic, spatial reasoning and sequencing to direct locomotives and shift trains into their correct positions.

Players will direct locomotives and shift trains into their correct position based on the puzzle card to ensure every train will leave on schedule. Players will need to be precise: unnecessary moves will make them lose precious time!

Clocking a TRT of 01:10, the teaser trailer above shows some great train animation and then takes you into the engineering room of a train yeard to set up that you are masterminding the comings and goings of different trains through your location. It then shows a very cool game board and play that gives you goals that you need to solve. You are managing different trains and trying to make the necessary moves in as few steps as possible.

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Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher is a standalone game designed for a single player. It includes 1 game board with a tray, 40 puzzle cards, 5 wagons , 2 Locomotives, 2 Broken Tracks and 1 rulebook. The game is expected to be available in October worldwide at a suggested retail price of 24,99€/$25.00. Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher will be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian.

Ticket To Ride Track Switcher Components

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Ticket to Ride is an institution. Releasing the original US version in 2004 shortly followed by Europe in 2005. Fifteen years later, there have been tons of maps from Switzerland, to the the Nordic Countries and more. There have been 23 different maps, which includes the 2 kids version and so much other content. To see the all of the maps ranked see the full list here.

Most recently, Arcane Wonders announced The Ticket To Ride Europe 15th Anniversary edition. It is impressive to see that kind of milestone and that the franchise is still going strong today.

This puzzle game is unlike anything that has ever come in the Ticket To Ride universe and this is supposed to be the first so there is probably more stuff like this to come. It is an interesting concept that is definitely on theme.

Will you play this first Ticket To Ride Brain Teaser Puzzle Game? Let us know in the comments below!