A Flash Gordon 40th Anniversary Board Game Announcement. It has been four decades since the iconic movie and on this momentous occasion, board game team Warcradle Studios has announced that they will be bringing a Flash Gordon board game to market in early 2021 – “Flash Gordon Death to Ming” – that is being billed as a fast-paced dueling card game. According to the announcement this morning:


“May this deed of Prince Thun be an example to all the kingdoms of Mongo… Death to Ming!”

Today is the 40th anniversary of the cult classic space opera film, Flash Gordon. This seemed like a great opportunity to make an exciting announcement. In partnership with King Features Syndicate, Warcradle Studios is delighted to announce a range of tabletop experiences based on the fast-paced duelling card game titled “Flash Gordon: Death to Ming!”

In Flash Gordon: Death to Ming! each player takes on the role of a well-known hero or villain from the motion picture. Immersed in the story through stunning high-resolution images drawn straight from the film itself, players will go head-to-head in Ming’s throne room to determine the fate of Mongo. Through heroism or treachery, players will customize their card deck with weapons and abilities unique to those iconic characters.

“I like to play with things a while…. before annihilation!”

Flash Gordon: Death to Ming! is planned for release in early 2021. For more information please visit the website.


Even if you were not alive when this original film came out in 1980, you most likely have heard of it. It is one of those iconic pop media characters that even if you do not know it by name, you have most likely seen it parodied or referenced. The comic strip original came out in the 30s but it did not reach cult classic status until this seminal film.

Director Mike Hodges’ 1980 Flash Gordon film stars former Playgirl-centerfold Sam J. Jones in the title role. Its plot is based loosely on the first few years of the comic strip, where a football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyranny of Ming the Merciless to save Earth. The signature theme-song is also very iconic. You wouldn’t immediately think that “Flash!” was created by rock band Queen, who composed and performed the entire musical score.

Flash Gordon 40th Anniversary Film Art

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