August 19, 2021 – The publisher behind Sagrada and Bosk, Floodgate Games acquires Fog of Love and announces a new expansion. Originally released by publisher Hush Hush in 2017, Floodgate announced via their site that they are bringing a reprint of the beloved game in the Winter of 2021. In addition to this new version, which already has three expansions available, they will also be pairing the release with a brand new expansion.

From their announcement:

We’re very excited to announce the hit game Fog of Love is joining the Floodgate Games lineup! Fog of Love, a two-player romantic comedy as a board game that has players exploring love and relationships through interesting and quirky scenarios, fitting right in as a game that creates everlasting experiences!

Originally published by Hush Hush Projects to critical acclaim, Fog of Love has grown to include three content expansions, It Will Never Last, Paranormal Romance, and Trouble with The In-Laws. Each of these expansions adds new content for players to experience.

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Floodgate Games Acquires Fog of Love

In addition to bringing this title into their family of games, they promise to bring the franchise to a brand new level. To kick this off, they have also announced the fourth Fog of Love expansion Love on Lockdown.

Check out the Fog of Love Love on Lockdown Publisher Page for More Info

Fog of Love: Love on Lockdown is the first new expansion for Fog of Love from Floodgate! This new love story explores the situations and challenges that the world has all become familiar with over the strange events of the past year. It is for 2 players, runs 60 – 120 minutes and is recommended for ages 17+. This will also be released in the Winter of 2021 with the new reprint.

Fog of Love Love on Lockdown Expansion Gameplay

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Playing Fog of Love is a rollercoaster ride of awkward situations, laugh-out-loud moments, and challenging compromises. The right decision isn’t always what your character wants most, but might be better for the relationship. It takes two to make it work, and your partner has their own wants and desires to consider. Each turn you’ll be asked to stay true to your personal goals or sometimes choose to compromise for the good of the relationship. There are never any guarantees that your story will end with a “Happily Ever After”.

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ABOUT FOG OF LOVE EXPANSION 1 – It Will Never Last (2018)

The It Will Never Last expansion offers the game’s most challenging story yet. This is the worst date you’ve ever been on. How could your friend think you would be right for each other? You have nothing in common. Relationships are hard. This expansion is harder. How will you navigate a relationship that is doomed from the start? It requires you to interpret what your partner wants like never before.

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ABOUT FOG OF LOVE EXPANSION 2 – Paranormal Romance (2018)

The Paranormal Romance expansion tells a powerful, cinematic love story that will leave a lasting impression — and the best way to experience any great movie is to not know how it will end, so we won’t give any spoilers away. This expansion is divided into two parts, and you can’t open the second part until you’ve experienced the first.

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ABOUT FOG OF LOVE EXPANSION 3 – Trouble with The In-Laws (2018)

The Trouble with the In-Laws expansion journeys deeper into the hilarious complications of modern relationships, delivering richer stories and a new way to play. There’s no longer only two people in this relationship because now your in-laws are sticking their nose in. They have strong opinions on how you should be living your life but how you handle it is up to you. In each game, you can decide whether to play the golden child or ignore what they want completely. Be careful, they might drive you apart, for good.

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