Root is now digital! The board game released today on the Steam platform with animations and movement that justify the transformation. According to the game page on Steam, might makes right in the wild wood! The award-winning board game of asymmetrical woodland warfare comes to cross-platform digital play! Combine subtle strategy and bold daring to guide your forest faction to victory!

This is not just a port from of a board game to digital, this is a brand new world. Root has always had a deep rich world and it feels so nice to see it come even more to life.

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See the announcement from Direworlf about the exciting debut below:

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to have you join us for Root Early Access on Steam!

We know there are a lot of passionate Root fans out there! We’d love to hear your feedback about the implementation of the game, its UX, game modes, and AI, and anything else you can share to help us make the game better.

Join the discussion here on Steam, on the Dire Wolf Gaming discord or on Twitter or Facebook at @direwolfdigital!

Current Known Issues:

  • Only English language is supported at the start of Early Access – we will add support for other languages as we go.
  • Online play (real-time and asynchronous), pass-and-play, and solo play are currently supported. However, cross-platform play will be unsupported until we release mobile in the coming weeks.
  • Evening ambient noises persist after the first evening cycle in a game. Crickets

We appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to make Root the best digital experience possible. If you do encounter an issue or need help, please drop us a line at [email protected] so we can see what’s up.

– The Dire Wolf team

Root is Now Digital
Root is Now Digital
Root is Now Digital
Root is Now Digital

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