Continue if you are looking for games like 7 Wonders and are curious about what similar games to play next. At its core, the strategy powerhouse 7 Wonders is a card drafting set collection game with a touch of resource management. You are building up a civilization (ancient great wonders) but that doesn’t mean the list of games like 7 Wonders should be filled with civilization-building.

Those games typically rely on engine building and resource management and are not at all 7 Wonders. As always, there are hybrids, and you will see some of those on this list, but the top “most similar” games focus on what the core of 7 Wonders is about.

There are some bells and whistles like combat and “trading” but the way you master 7 Wonders is by having a stack of cards, understanding what you should take now, what you should take later, and what you should NOT pass to your neighbor. This is the list of 5 games like 7 Wonders.

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Imperial Settlers Board Game

#05 | Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers does not have the core draft pass mechanic of 7 Wonders, but it does have some card drafting which was enough to get it in the number 5 spot on the list of games like 7 Wonders. You are a king roaming the lands when you find a nice area that all the other kings also want to take over. It is about to go down. This has more of a Robin Hood vibe than Ancient Greece, but still has that days or yore imperialistic vibe. The drafting is less cards and open for everyone to see, so it is a very different feel, but so much else of the game is very much like 7 Wonders. You have combat and some other stuff but the main thing is that you use the cards to build up your civilization to get the resources you need to continue on.

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Hadara Board Game

#04 | Hadara

Hadara has a very interesting drafting mechanic that is much closer to that of 7 Wonders than much of the pool drafting (reveal cards, people take but everyone sees what is going on). Players move around stacks of cards and as they diminish other players are affected, but in Hadara’s case the stacks of cards stay in the same place and a spinner in the middle moves, directing the player where to go. You also don’t look at the whole stack, just part of it to make your choice. That is why this game is number 4 and not number 1. With these cards you build up your civilization very much in the way of 7 Wonders, but different in that you are driven by specifically moving forward production of four resources, instead of the opposite where

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Citadels Board Game

#03 | Citadels

If you are the type of person who would argue that the number 1 & 2 games on this list are not “thematically” close enough to 7 Wonders and that they lose some of the bells and whistles, fine, put this as your number 1. It does have pretty much everything 7 Wonders has, but what it doesn’t have is the core drafting and set collection mechanics. You do draft things but in a different way. Maybe not as similar as Hadara, but the civilization-building and quest for victory points here are so similar, Citadels claims the higher spot.

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Sushi Go Party! Cards
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#02 | Sushi Go Party!

You are going to see a similar description for the top two games because they follow the same rationale. Sushi Go Party! is just like 7 Wonders but much simpler. You lose all the choices that come with the multiple paths to creating a civilization in favor of a much less convoluted search for sets of adorable sushi. People may hate on this but it has exactly what 7 Wonders has, think about it, a clear choice for games like 7 Wonders.

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Fairy Tale Board Game

#01 | Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is definitely the top title on the list of games like 7 Wonders. You pass stacks of cards amongst players in three rounds on a quest to collect the right set of ferries. Just like in 7 Wonders, the cards you collect work together and can get into some very interesting and strategic combos once you know what you are doing. We are not going to lie, there are better buying choices on this list than Fairy Tale, but if you want a stack drafting game with some of the build up of 7 Wonders (and kind of Dominion) than this would be a solid choice.

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