March onward if you are looking for games like A Feast For Odin and are curious about what similar games to play next. This is a saga in the form of a board game. You are reliving the cultural achievements, mercantile expeditions, and pillages of those tribes we know as Viking today — a term that was used quite differently towards the end of the first millennium.

To determine this list we broke down A Feast Of Odin to what it is. This game is a table destroyer it is so big. It is a worker placement at the core with the overall goal of building up the most impressive civilization. There is so much going on that it will make your head hurt, in a good way. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like A Feast For Odin.

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Glass Road Board Game

#05 | Glass Road

Glass Road makes the list of games like A Feast For Odin because it is also an epic economic build-up. You have so many decisions to make and everything helps your economy. This fantastic title is a game that commemorates the 700-year-old tradition of glass-making in the Bavarian Forest like Odin properly celebrates its part of history. It also happens to have the same designer.

You must skillfully manage your glass and brick production in order to build the right structures that help you to keep your business flowing. Cut the forest to keep the fires burning in the ovens, and spread and remove ponds, pits and groves to supply yourself with the items you need. For 1 – 4 players, games run 20 – 80 minutes.

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Champions of Midgard Board Game
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#04 | Champions of Midgard

Champions of Midgard makes the list of games like A Feast For Odin because it is also an epic Viking themed worker placement game. Champions of Midgard has a big economic component, but it is all about supporting an army where Odin is more about building your empire. It has fewer placement options but it is still big and robust.

This is a game with dice rolling in which you are the leader of a Viking clan who has traveled to an embattled Viking harbor town to help defend it against the threat of big monsters. By defeating these epic creatures, you gain glory and the favor of the gods. There are phases, where the initial phase has you claiming spots to build up your army and the second phase sending you on the attack. For 2 – 4 players, games last 60 – 90.

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Underwater Cities Board Game

#03 | Underwater Cities

Underwater Cities makes the list of games like A Feast For Odin because it is another monster civilization building game with an interesting action drafting mechanic. You need to make plenty of decisions and to add complexity, you are fighting over those decisions with the other players. Order and multi-turn strategies are key in both.

You represent the most powerful brains in the world tasked with solving the overpopulation of Earth. To survive, you must establish the best and most livable underwater areas possible, through card management and placement. Actions and advantages can allow you to intake raw materials, build and upgrade city structures in your personal underwater area, improve your initiative, to activate your cards and to collect them. For 1 – 4 players, games run 80 – 150 minutes.

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Caverna Board Game Player Card
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#02 | Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Caverna was designed by Uwe Rosenberg who also designed A Feast For Odin (and Agricola and Patchwork among others). He has this great mastery of these puzzle piece, worker placement for economy construction type of games and this one is no different. If you like that style, this is the title on the list of games like A Feast For Odin you should check out.

You are the bearded leader of a small dwarf family that lives in a cave in the mountains. You begin the game with a farmer and his spouse, and each member of the farming family represents an action to take each turn. Together, you cultivate the forest in front of your cave and dig deeper into the mountain. Create something amazing from nothing. For 1 – 7 players, games last 30 – 210 minutes.

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Great Western Trail Deck Building Board Game

#01 | Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail makes the list of games like A Feast For Odin because it is a multi-layered game with all sorts of things going on. Both games bring in multiple mechanics (here it is deck building + worker placement among others) and tons of components. That is the result of a huge epic game with a lot going on.

It is America in the 19th century and you are a rancher constantly herding your cattle between Texas and Kansas City. This process earns you money and victory points. There just happens to be many factors you need in order to make that a success. You need good cattle and you need great support of a staff and the buildings you find along the way. For 2 – 4 players,

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