Continue if you are looking for board games like Apples To Apples because that is what we are going to give you. Apples To Apples is a game for players and groups of all ages where players take turns as judges. They reveal a statement card and then everyone else has to submit an action card they think will best go with it. The judge picks the best, based on their opinion, and whoever they choose gets the point for that round. You rotate and repeat until someone hits a certain number of points.

To determine this list we broke down Apples To Apples. This is a submit and judge game where you have to know your audience, be logical and have a sense of humor. This is a top tier party game that is perfect for larger groups. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Apples To Apples.

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Snake Oil Board Game

#05 | Snake Oil

Snake Oil is a fun and relatively unknown title on the list of games like Apples To Apples but it deserves a lot of credit. Snake Oil has taken the everyone submits, then are judged and one winner emerging mechanic and created something wonderful that requires great imagination to win at. A great family title that mixes communication elements we do not see too often.

In the Old West, the wily snake oil salesman had a special talent, slinging goods to one and all. Now it’s your turn! Invent your own zany two-word products – Rumor Mirror! Burp Balloon! – and sell them to all types of wacky customers. If the round’s customer buys your product, you win! You hand is made up of these random word cards and each round you need to put two together to make an invention that solves the problem at hand, then you need to pitch it. Best pitch wins. For 3 – 10 players, games last 20 – 30 minutes.

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The Metagame Board Game

#04 | The Metagame

The Metagame makes the list of games like Apples To Apples because it takes the submit and judge mechanic and brings it into a cultural opinion arena that is also fun for the whole family and sparks conversation. The Metagame very nicely has different game modes that keep things fresh and let you use the culture cards in different ways.

Everybody’s got an opinion. This fun party game gives you a chance to exercise your smartest and most ridiculous opinions on just about everything: music and movies, fine art and fashion, junk food and videogames. The two type of cards are “culture” and “opinion” and they come together like all these types of games, but there are additional modes. for 2 – 50 players, games run about 10 minutes each.

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What Do You Meme Board Game Cards
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#03 | What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme makes the list of games like Apples To Apples because it is the exact same game but with pictures and a little more Millenial angst. It is also a party game but certainly one for the social media generation. Not very kid-friendly but the same spirit of whoever is the craftiest, and funniest, is going to take home a win.

Each round, one player takes the role of judge and plays a photo card, after which everyone else plays a caption card to complete the meme. The judge decides the funniest pairing, and whoever played the winning caption card wins the round. Lather, rinse and repeat. For 3 – 20 players, games last about 30 – 90 minutes.

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Dixit Board Game Overview
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#02 | Dixit

If your goal is something family friendly that younger kids can play, consider this the top title on the list of games like Apples to Apples. Dixit makes it because it is a great submit and judge game that is for everyone. Instead of just putting phrases together, here you are matching pictures to strategy and doing it in a bit more of a strategic way.

You play the game with six cards of different interesting images in your hand. Taking turns, one player is the storyteller and needs to use a card from hand and give it a few words to sum it up. The other players have to submit one of their cards they think matches. These are mixed together and everyone votes on which card they think belongs to the clue giver. Point scoring interesting and basically the clue giver wants to say something that isn’t everyone or no one. For 3 – 6 players, games last about 30 minutes.

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Cards Against Humanity Card Pool
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#01 | Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity makes the list of games like Apples to Apples because it is basically the same game with a few tweaks. First of all, this is purposefully not for children. Do not play this with kids, if that is what you like about Apples to Apples, this is not the one. The other thing is that instead of general statements that are logical, you really want humor and raunchiness.

Cards Against Humanity is like making a dirty mad lib. There are black question cards and white answer cards. Each turn a “card czar” flips over a black card and all other players submit a white card from their hand. The Czar judges based on what combo they like best and a point is awarded. Very much like Cards Against Humanity in gameplay and in the target audience. For 4 – 30 players, games run about 30 minutes.

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