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If you thought all games about Portuguese tiles were boring, you would be dead wrong. Azul is a 2017 strategy game that deals with that very thing. Over the course of several rounds, players draft a selection of tiles to build up their churches with as many tiles as possible. Depending on the patterns you make, you can get big point bonuses. If you are a fan or are thinking about it and want to see the field, here are some similar games. This is the list of 5 games like Azul.

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Realm of Sand Board Game

#05 | Realm of Sand

You are in a magician and you are trying to help the queen rebuild her realm of sand kingdom. Everyone gets a player board with spots for you to grab at various communal options to build out the kingdom. You use your amazing magic to turn sand int buildings. Azul has very light engine building and race against time elements where this has much more to make it less simplified, it is still about drafting the right mix of tiles to build out your individual game board.

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Dragon Castle Board Game

#04 | Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle is based on the centuries-old game Mahjong. During your turn, you take a pair of identical tiles from the central “castle” and place them on your own realm board to build your own castle. Every time you complete a set you, you get points and can build shrines on your territory. This one is like Azul because of the fighting over the right mix of beautifully designed tiles to forms the right patterns for victory.

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Spirits of the Forest Board Game

#03 | Spirits of the Forest

In Spirits of the Forest, players represent the four elements that nourish the forces of nature. Each turn, a player drafts up to two spirit tiles from the forest (a pool of 48 tiles), collects favor tokens, and moves, places, or recovers gemstones. Players continue taking turns until all tiles have been collected from the forest. At the end of the game, players score nature points for each spirit of which they have a majority. It is basically Azul in the forest.

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Azul Stained Glass of Sintra Board Game

#02 | Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra

Yes, it is kind of the same but Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra is a completely different stand-alone game. It challenges players to carefully select glass panes to complete their windows while being careful not to damage or waste supplies in the process. Players can expect to discover new unique art and components, including translucent window pane pieces, a tower to hold discarded glass panes, and double-sided player boards and window pane panels, in addition to many other beautiful components! New mechanics and new gameplay to an experience you already love.

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Sagrada Board Game

#01 | Sagrada

Draft dice and use the tools-of-the-trade in Sagrada to carefully construct your stained glass window masterpiece. Build up a grid of dice on your board for victory. Each board has some restrictions on which color or shade (value) of die can be placed there. Dice of the same shade or color may never be placed next to each other. Depending on the patterns you put together you get points. This game is basically Azul meets Sudoku.

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  • I think that Sagrada is a perfect example of game similar to Azul – I like the game, its mechanics and replayability (each game is completely different). Thanks for article!

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