Continue if you are looking for games like Colt Express and are curious about what similar games to play next. On the 11th of July, 1899 at 10 a.m., the Union Pacific Express has left Folsom, New Mexico, with 47 passengers on board. You play a bandit robbing that train at the same time as other bandits, and your goal is to become the richest outlaw of the Old West.

To determine this list we broke down Colt Express to what it is. This is a programming game. Before a turn starts, everyone is going to select their actions all ahead of time and when that is done, everything then takes place. It is all about thinking multiple steps ahead of time. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Colt Express.

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Star Wars Armada Board Game

#05 | Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars: Armada makes the list of board games like Colt Express because while it is not quite a programming game, players are still heading into the unknown and making decisions that are locked in secretly and reveled in real time. The intensity is much higher here but you are still heading into a tricky situation where anticipating your opponent is key.

You assume the role of fleet admiral, serving with either the Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance. You assemble your fleet and engage the enemy. Using the game’s unique maneuver tool, you steer your capital ships across the battlefield, even while squadrons of starfighters buzz around them. Then, as these ships exchange fire, it’s your job to issue the tactical commands that will decide the course of battle and, perhaps, the fate of the galaxy. For 2 players, games run about 2 hours.

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Mechs Vs Minions Board Game

#04 | Mechs vs Minions

Mechs vs Minions makes the list of board games like Colt Express because of the decision making. Instead of everyone having programmed decision making that will play out against each other, here it is everyone against the game in a cooperative effort. This does run much deeper, having 10 different missions to attempt, but the skirmish in real time remains the same.

Set in the world of Runterra where players represent intrepid Yordles, everyone must join forces and pilot their newly-crafted mechs against an army of marauding minions. With modular boards, programmatic command lines, and a story-driven campaign, each mission will be unique, putting your teamwork, programming, and piloting skills to the test.

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Celestia Board Game

#03 | Celestia

Celestia makes the list of board games like Colt Express because there is also a large 3D moving vehicle that all players must interact with. You are also all making decisions in secret that will all play out in relation to one another. Here each player must decide whether to stay within the aircraft and hope to make it to the next city in order to catch more precious treasures or guarantee points for getting off where you are.

You board an aircraft with a team of adventurers to perform many trips through the cities of Celestia and recover their wonderful treasures. You will attempt to be the richest adventurer by collecting the most precious treasures. During the journey, each adventurer can try to pull out with objects (a jetpack, astronomy glasses, etc.) or by changing the trip (modifying the travel or abandoning an explorer in the city). Scoring a hot treasure wins you the game. For 2 – 6 players, games run about 30 minutes.

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Lords of Xidit Board Game

#02 | Lords of Xidit

Lords of Xidit makes the list of games like Colt Express because it is a title where you need to plan 6 moves ahead, recruit locals to help you defeat the invading monsters. The game features simultaneous programming and an elimination-based scoring system that leaves no room for complacency.

The Black Southern Host has arisen, corrupting the hearts of the indigenous creatures. Afflicted by a mysterious sickness, they are attacking human cities. The last remaining hope for restoring peace to Xidit lies with the Kingdom’s noble heirs, the Idrakys. As one of them, you must roam the Kingdom recruiting brave soldiers and reclaiming threatened cities. For 3 – 5 players, games last approximately 90 minutes.

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Robo Rally Board Game

#01 | Robo Rally

Robo Rally takes the top spot on the list of board games like Colt Express because it is also a light and breezy programming game that is for the whole family and follows a similar gameplay experience. Instead of robbing a train, you are racing through a danger-filled factory of an obstacle coarse.

Players move their robots through the course by speeding through corridors and dodging traps to reach each checkpoint first. You control your robot with game cards which reveal directions on how the robots can move through the factory. Use strategy to outsmart rival robots while racing towards each checkpoint in your chosen course in numerical order. Beware of obstacles such as lasers, pits, and conveyor belts that can break you. For 2 – 6 players, games can go anywhere from 20 – 120 minutes.

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