Continue if you are looking for games like Concordia and are curious about what similar games to play next. Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire ruled the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. For years the economy thrived and gave rise to mighty Roman dynasties as they expanded throughout the numerous cities. You must guide one of these dynasties. Develop your trade network and appease the ancient gods for their favor.

To determine this list we broke down Concordia to what it is. Concordia is a network building and economic game that has elements of deck building all set in an ancient, bustling time. It is approaching the intense side but is still very manageable. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Concordia.

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Great Western Trail Board Game 2

#05 | Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail makes the list of games like Concordia because it is also a mesh of network and deck building. These are both peaceful strategy game of economic development in burgeoning times. You are managing resources and you are getting out and exploring.

You are a rancher and constantly herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City, where you send them off by train. Each time you arrive in KC, you want to have your most valuable cattle in tow. However, the trail not only requires that you keep your herd in good shape, but also that you wisely use the various buildings along the trail and hire the right staff such as herders or craftsman. For 2 – 4 players, games last 75 – 120 minutes.

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Power Grid Board Game

#04 | Power Grid

Power Grid is all engine building and it makes the list of games like Concordia because they share many characteristics in the economic and route development area. This is also a robust game that takes many decisions, that mature over time, to make it to victory.

The objective of the game is to supply the most cities with power when someone’s network gains a predetermined size. In this new edition, players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then bid against each other to purchase the power plants that they use to power their cities. For 2 – 6 players, games run around 2 hours.

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Notre Dame Board Game

#03 | Notre Dame

Notre Dame makes the list of games like Concordia because it brings together areas of movement and areas of economic development. The game has a unique aspect of a kind of permanent card playing that aligns with how you are making decisions in Concordia. Both are great games, so that helps.

Players take on the roles of the heads of influential families in Paris at the end of the 14th century. Each family controls one of the 3–5 boroughs that surround the site of Notre Dame. As head of his family, each player tries, through clever use of his action cards, to advance the power and prestige of his family, but penalties are assessed on those who do not take care of the health of the people who live in their borough. The player with the most prestige at the end is the winner. For 2 – 5 players, games run 45 – 75 minutes.

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Navegador Board Game

#02 | Navegador

Navegador is not only from the same designer as Concordia, but it also shares many of the same travel and strategy pillars. This is an easy choice for the list of games like Concodia because it gives you many of the same mechanisms but still has enough to be a completely new and unique experience.

You will take actions such as contracting men, acquiring ships and buildings, sailing the seas, establishing colonies in discovered lands, trading goods on the market and getting privileges. Starting with only two ships and three workers, you must expand your wealth. Money is used to build ships, erect buildings such as factories, shipyards and churches, and to get workers. Workers are necessary to found colonies or to acquire buildings and key privileges. For 2 – 5 players, games run 60 – 90 minutes.

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Lewis and Clark Board Game Overview
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#01 | Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark takes the top spot on the list of games like Concordia because it also is a masterful blending of both route and deck building. You have to make strategic decisions about how to grow and where you are going to go. There are not many games in this subgenre that are A-class but both Concordia and Lewis & Clark are on that list.

This is an exploration game where players are faced with a constant dilemma: play a card or sacrifice it. During the game, you acquire character cards that enlarge your hand, building a crew that gives you more options but also more need to be optimized as he will. This new “handbuilding” mechanism fits strongly with the historical background of this tale. For 1 – 5 players, games last about 2 hours.

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