Dominion Deck Building Game is a revolutionary game that started a genre. The deck-building genre is where you construct your deck over the course of the game. It is a version of engine-building where your engine is your deck. It has a medieval theme and while there are cards that interact with others, you are for the most part on your own quest to the highest victory point total. The gameplay is incredibly fun and there is nothing like popping off a 5+ card combo. If you like the game and are looking for the next game, this list is for you. This is 5 Games Like Dominion.

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Magnum Opus Board Game

#05 | Magnum Opus

Just making the list of games like Dominion is Magnum Opus. Each player is an Alchemist trying to be the first and only scientist to complete the great Philosophers’ Stone. It is similar to Dominion in that you are building up your deck but instead of victory points, you have missions you need to accomplish. You are working to get your various potion ingredients to combine them in experiments you have. Everything is fueled by gold you earn and you gain experience after everything you do. No failed experiment is completely worthless.

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Heroes of Graxia Board Game

#04 | Heroes of Graxia

Heroes of Graxia lives in the fantasy strategy-based environment space. You need to build up your army, collecting weapons, Protection, Magic, Armies, and killers for hire cards. Once you have a force you are happy with, you take on one of your opponent’s forces. Winning gets you the prestige points you need for victory and more resources to build bigger and stronger. While Dominion centers around building a civilization and Heroes of Graxia is about building up your attack forces, you are still making strategic decisions to build up to a point victory. For 2 – 6 players, games run about 60 minutes. This is a game like Dominion both in theme and gameplay.

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Star Realms Board Game

#03 | Star Realms

Star Realms is actually the most similar to Dominion in gameplay but the path to victory is much different. In Star Realms there are no victory points, it is all about building up an attack and taking everyone out. In Star Realms you are a fleet commander in space and you are building up a mix of attack ships, resource cards, and strategic bases to protect yourself and defeat your opponents. There are a few different classifications of ships that make for options on strategies and combos. Sure there is more attacking than there should be for a title on the list of games like Dominion but there are so many similarities.

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Century Spice Road Board Game

#02 | Century: Spice Road

In Century: Spice Road, you are a caravan leader who must brave the silk road to deliver spices to the far reaches of the continent for fame and glory. The game is very easy to pick up because you get just one action of four choices – Establish a trade route (take a card), Make a trade or harvest spices (play a card from hand), Fulfill a demand (claiming an earned VP) or Rest (replenish hand). You do not see the combos of dominion but the non-aggressive engine building of Century: Spice Road is a great comparison.

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Rune Age Board Game

#01 | Rune Age

The top spot on the list of games like Dominion is Rune Age. Rune Age is a fantasy deck builder that takes place in the Terrinoth universe. You control one of four races on a quest for supremacy and domination in this war-torn world. You are looking to buy cards like faction-specific Unit cards and a central collection of Neutral Unit cards, Tactics cards, and Gold cards to build up your deck. Force is important but you can also work behind the scenes a wield gold and influence. Rune Age is a little more aggressive than Dominion but it is about as close as you are going to find.

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