Continue if you are looking for games like Fort and are curious about what similar games to play next. You’re a kid! And like many kids, you want to grow your circle of friends, collect pizza and toys, and build the coolest fort. By doing this cool stuff, you’ll score victory points, and at the end of the game, the player with the most victory points wins! Your cards not only let you take actions on your own turn but also let you follow the other players’ actions on their turns.

To determine this list we broke down Fort to what it is. Fort is a deck-building board game with not much deck building. Hand management is everything and to make things more interesting, cards can be used in many different ways. It is a simple game but robust in strategy and elegant in balance. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Fort.

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7 Wonders Board Game Overview
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#05 | 7 Wonders

7 Wonders makes the list of games like Fort because of generally what happens. This is a different game, it is a drafting and you do not have a hand to manage, yet what you are doing is nearly identical. Cards flow through hand and you need to make a decision about what to do with the. Cards can be used in different ways, using as is, or submitted generically to build up your empire. For games that have dramatically different gameplay, there is parallel after parallel.

The game lasts three ages. In each, players receive seven cards from a particular deck, choose one of those cards, then pass the remainder to an adjacent player. Players reveal their cards simultaneously, paying resources if needed or collecting resources or interacting with other players in various ways. For 3 – 7 players, games last about 45 minutes.

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Palm Island Board Game

#04 | Palm Island

Palm Island makes the list of games like Fort because you need to develop and gather resources to grow an island that fits in the palm of your hand. It is like building a Fort, but bigger. The game brings together a lot of the same deck building and hand management aspects and has the same family-friendly fun for all.

Using a deck transforming mechanic a player uses just 17 cards over 8 rounds to shape their island and overcome its unique challenges. Store resources to pay for upgrades and upgrade buildings to access new abilities. Each decision you make will alter your village from round to round. At the end of 8 rounds calculate your victory points. For 1 – 2 players, games run 15 minutes.

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Eminent Domain Board Game

#03 | Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain makes the list of games like Fort because it is a civilization-building game in which your civilization’s abilities are based on a deck of role cards. While this game takes you out of the backyard and brings you into space, there is a big mix of many of all the same gameplay mechanics that mix together to create something great.

At the beginning of the game each player has the same deck of cards, with just two cards for each Role in it. Every turn you must choose a Role to execute, with your opponents will get a chance to follow suit, and in doing so you will add one of those Role cards to your deck. When executing a Role, you can boost its effect by playing cards out of your hand matching the Role you have chosen. For example, the more you Research, the better you get at Researching. For 2 – 4 players, games last about 45 minutes.

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Great Western Trail Board Game 2

#02 | Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail makes the list of games like Fort because it is also that nicely rounded deck builder plus. Like Fort it is a deck building game that isn’t really about the deck building. It might help drive the game but there is much more going on and the mixture of mechanics working together is masterful.

You are a rancher and constantly herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City, where you send them off by train. Each time you arrive in KC, you want to have your most valuable cattle in tow. However, the trail not only requires that you keep your herd in good shape, but also that you wisely use the various buildings along the trail and hire the right staff such as herders or craftsman. For 2 – 4 players, games last 75 – 120 minutes.

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Newton Board Game

#01 | Newton

Newton takes the top spot on the list of games like Fort because it is an action selection and hand management in the age of enlightenment. There is a lot of range in the deck building and hand management spectrum and this happens to be as about as close as you are going to get. With a touch of education and whimsey, it is also a game suited for the whole family.

Players take the role of a young scientist who wants to become one of the great geniuses of this era. To reach their ultimate goal, they travel around Europe, visit universities and cities, study to discover new theories, build new tools and work to earn money. Each round, every player plays five cards from their hand, and each played card allows the player to perform one of the many actions of the game. For 1 – 4 players, games run about 90 minutes.

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