Continue if you are looking for games like Joking Hazard and are curious about what similar games to play next. Starting as a meme generating system, the creators wondered if the hundreds of random comic panels they have built up might lend themselves to a card game. Draw 7 cards. The deck plays the first card, select a Judge to play the second, then everyone selects a third card to create a three-panel comic strip. The Judge picks a winner.

To determine this list we broke down Joking Hazard to what it is. This game is all about finishing a comic strip. It takes that concept and puts a great twist on the submit and judge board game genre in exactly the way you would expect. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Joking Hazard.

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Superfight Board Game Overview
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#05 | Superfight

Superfight makes the list of board games like Joking Hazard because it is a party game of super powers and super problems. The game is all about arguing with your friends about ridiculous fights. The voting mechanic is similar but is also provides something completely unique to make this its own thing.

While there are differences in the voting mechanic and the subject matter is different, the conversations are not that different. Think about it, when you have to explain things like why Hillary Clinton armed with a shotgun who can’t see should win in a fight. Certainly a lesser-known game on the list of games like Cards Against Humanity, but a fun and strage one. For 3 – 10 players. games last about 30 minutes, for ages 10+.

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Incohearent Card Game Board Game

#04 | Incohearent Card Game

Incohearent Card Game makes the list of board games like Joking Hazard because of the mix of storytelling and party game. The lively nature and building of fun narratives makes for a fun time that is very much in the same vein. It is a quick dash to who can put the pieces together first.

Players read a series of words that sound like jibberish. They are actually supposed to sound like some pop culture term and it is up to the other players to try and guess what that is. The first person to get it gets the point. Having knowledge of pop culture is important. For 2 – 20 players, games run 20 – 40 minutes each.

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Dixit Board Game Bunny Score Track
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#03 | Dixit

Dixit makes the list of board games like Joking Hazard because they are both submit and vote games with a fun artwork slant. There is a story to tell in both, here you are just matching artwork to clue instead of completing a linear narrative.

The storyteller shuffles her card with all the received cards. All pictures are shown face up and every player has to bet upon which picture was the storyteller’s. Then an interesting round of scorekeeping happens (as a storyteller you want some people to guess you but not everyone and points reflect this). Easily one of the most enjoyable games on the list of games like Cards Against Humanity. For 3 – 6 players, games last about 30 minutes, for ages 8+.

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Detective Club Board Game Gameplay Overview
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#02 | Detective Club

Detective Club makes the list of board games like Joking Hazard because it is a fitting party title in the same submit and vote genre. This is like another title here, Dixit but with more bluffing. You are matching images to whatever words the active player can come up with. If you cannot do it well, you will not be able to hide.

Players take turns giving a clue that matches two artwork cards in their hand. The hook is that everyone except one person knows the clue and the goal is the figure out who that person is. Everyone puts down two art cards and at the end has to describe why they knew the clue and are not the mystery liar. The person who doesn’t know has to lie and stretch their way through so as not to be detected. For 4 – 8 players, game go for 45 minutes.

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What Do You Meme Board Game Cards

#01 | What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? makes the list of board games like Joking Hazard because it is also a game of putting words to images. Again, another title in the submit and vote genre, this, even more, hits the nail on the head because you are creating more of a story here, just like you are in Joking Hazard.

The judge decides the funniest pairing, and whoever played the winning caption card wins the round. Lather, rinse and repeat. This game tends to be less raunchy that Cards Against Humanity so it is a bit more open to the whole family, but there are still many captions that you may not want to hear your grandma say. For 3 – 20 players, games last about 30 – 90 minutes, for ages 17+.

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