Continue if you are looking for games like Kingdomino and are curious about what similar games to play next. Kingdomino is one of those magical games that is so incredibly easy to play, but runs deep in your choices and paths to victory to make it incredibly strategic and satisfying. Round after round, players take turns drawing two panel tiles (that are like dominoes) and you need to put them together into 5×5 grids to put together groupings that are going to give you big points.

The deeper you go in the draft, the better your point opportunity is but the more it hurts you in future drafts. It is an amazing game and the world seems to agree, it was the winner of the 2012 Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious board game award in the world. Now that you have played this amazing game if you are looking for something similar you have come to the right place. Thinking about those draft and scoring mechanisms, this is our list of the 5 games like Kingdomino.

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Carcassonne Game Board Edge
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#05 | Carcassonne

The bottom spot on the list of games like Kingdomino goes to another tile-laying classic. Carcassonne takes the bottom spot for a reason, it is not the most like Kingdomino than some others but there are many similarities. In Carcassonne, players take turns taking from a facedown stack of tiles and then placing that tile anywhere on the board it makes sense (road to road, castle to castle, etc).

You get points by placing a worker and completing things roads, castles or cathedrals. It may be one of the easiest board games in the world to play but still very deep, just like Kingdomino. While the drafting component (a big part) is different, they are similar in that they are simple tile-laying games where you get points by betting on clusters of like pieces. And if you like one, you will like the other. For 2 – 5 players, games are about 30 – 45 minutes, for ages 7+

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Patchwork Board Game Player Board
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#04 | Patchwork

Patchwork is a 2-player game only but very much in line with a 2-player game of Kingdomino. In Patchwork, players compete to build the most aesthetic (and high-scoring) patchwork quilt on a personal 9×9 game board.

All the various path items are put out and players take turns grabbing what they want. Once the game starts you have a limited amount of actions that are going to help you get more and more patch stuff that is going to let you fill out your personal grid and hopefully get some big points. Instead of terrain options you are putting together a quilt, the game is very similar. Games run about 15 – 30 minutes, for ages 8+.

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Azul Board Game

#03 | Azul

Right in the middle of the list of games like Kingdomino is one that may not seem similar on the surface, but is one with similarities that run deep. Azul is an abstract strategy game where you draft groups of tiles in order to create strategic clusters of patterns that are going to get you big points.

The selection in both games is a layered drafting mechanism and the points in both games is decided by forming the right clusters achieved in a strategic way. Even the math and scoring at the end follows a similar way of thinking. Special bonus similarity, both games have won the Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious board game award in the world. For 2 – 4 players, games run about 30 – 45 minutes, for ages 8+.

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Lanterns The Harvest Festival Fireworks Tiles
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#02 | Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

In Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, players have a hand of tiles depicting various color arrangements of floating lanterns, as well as an inventory of individual lantern cards of specific colors. When you place a tile, all players (you and your opponents) receive a lantern card corresponding to the color on the side of the tile facing them.

Place carefully to earn cards and other bonuses for yourself, while also looking to deny your opponents. Players gain honor by dedicating sets of lantern cards — three pairs, for example, or all seven colors — and the player with the most honor at the end of the game wins. This was a slam dunk for games like Kingdomino. It has the drafting, it has the set collection and it has the calm serenity. For 2 – 4 players, games run about 30 minutes, for ages 8+.

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Queendomino Board Game

#01 | Queendomino

The top spot on the list of games like Kingdomino goes to the fantastic follow-up that builds on its predecessor’s gameplay. We normally would not give the top spot to the follow-up, but it is too good not to give it the spot it deserves. The game can be played by itself or in connection with the original Kingdomino.

Build up the most prestigious kingdom by claiming wheat fields, forests, lakes, grazing grounds, marshes, and mountains. Your knights will bring you riches in the form of coins — and if you make sure to expand the towns on your lands, you will make new buildings appear, giving you opportunities for new strategies. You may win the Queen’s favors … but always be aware of the dragon! For 2 – 4 players, games run about 25 minutes, for ages 8+.

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