Continue if you are looking for games like Machi Koro and are curious about what similar games to play next. Machi Koro is a tiny bit engine building and a whole lot of hedging against a dice roll. You have money to buy village elements, those cards have numbers on top and when the dice matches they pay off.

You need to cover as many number options as possible while smartly kicking up your production engine. When looking at the list of games similar to Machi Koro, the bottom of our list starts more general in the engine-building world. As we progress we will see more of that core Machi Koro 1 – 2 six-sided dice rolls and smartly betting on how you think the dice are going to fall. This is the list of the 5 games like Machi Koro.

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Splendor Overview Closeup
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#05 | Splendor

The bottom spot on the list of games like Machi Koro goes to Splendor. This one is a bit of a stretch, there is no dice roll and you are not hedging your bet against a probable device. Splendor is all building up and how you focus on accumulating 5 different resources (again not similar). Where Splendor is like Machi Koro is all in the engine-building. Cards are laid out and you must start with nothing and buy cheap goods so you can keep buying bigger and stuff to in turn get you more gold. If you stripped out the random dice mechanic of Machi Koro, something like Splendor is probably what you would have.

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Dominion Deck Building Game Setup
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#04 | Dominion

Dominion does not have the dice roll tied to pay off like Machi Koro (or any dice roll) but in a way, it kind of does with the random five cards you draw. Each is going to give you an opportunity for rewards depending on how well you hedged your bets and a little luck. In Machi Koro, you are looking at how much money you have and then buying things from stacks to try and make your odds better, just like in Dominion. In both, you buy item after item to increase your wealth and eventually set off devastating combos that will end the game in a boom. While a different play style and pace, dominion is a very similar game to Machi Koro.

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Settlers of Catan Box and Game
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#03 | Settler of Catan

Settlers of Catan is everything that Machi Koro is with just a lot more going on. The core is the same, as you roll two six-sided dice, you need to spread out your resources to make sure you are covering those numbers in a consistent and strategic way. Settlers of Catan, like Machi Koro, but it also has the whole build a civilization amongst the land of others. Settlers of Catan is a great step up. And easy choice for the list of the board games like Machi Koro.

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Dice City Board Game

#02 | Dice City

At first glance, Dice City does not look anything like Machi Koro. Dig a little deeper and it is there. In Dice City, each player has there own grid board that has colors on one side and dice rolls up top. You roll five colored dice and based on that (color x number) dice get placed on your grid. Removing the dice can do certain actions like granting you a resource, move a different dice or grab a card to accelerate your civilization. You could make the case for many other games that can do the same, but Dice City just feels like Machi Koro in how it builds up, the trade-offs you make, and ultimate pay-offs.

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Valeria Card Kingdoms Board Game

#01 | Valeria: Card Kingdoms

This was an easy top choice on the list of games like Machi Koro. That is because Valeria straight up took the Machi Koro mechanic and ran with it. It is the same thing here but a completely different theme with elements of war and magic. Instead of just money, you get other tokens that can do things and the interactivity of the cards is much more complex than Machi Koro. It is there though, it is a very similar game. If you are looking for a game that is like Machi Koro, there is nothing closer than Valeria: Card Kingdom.

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