Continue if you are looking for games like Minecraft Builders and Biomes and are curious about what similar games to play next. A brand new Minecraft adventure, right at your fingertips! Collect rare blocks and build spectacular structures, but beware of dangerous mobs and scheming opponents. In Minecraft: Builders and Biomes, players explore the Overworld, mine blocks, and build. Plan your builds carefully and elude danger to succeed. May the most clever and courageous crafter win.

To determine this list we broke down Minecraft Builders and Biomes to what it is. This is not just a generic video game adaption, this is a great engine builder that can stand on its own. The game does a great job of balancing the upgrading of your biomes for points and the exploration and strength of your character out in the Minecraft wild. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Minecraft Builders and Biomes.

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Splendor Board Game Overview Shot
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#05 | Splendor

Splendor makes the list of games like Minecraft Builders and Biomes because if you strip everything down to its core, this is the game you have. There is no combat or movement, but what you do have is that incredibly simple yet robust engine at the core. You either take gems or you spend them, slowly getting better on a quest to a victory point total first.

Your goal is to get to 15 victory points before anyone else, which is done by purchasing the cards that come out in the center. Cards are laid out in three levels of cost, with level 1 being the cheapest and level 3 being the most expensive. Each card has its own costs, which will be a combination of the 5 different types of gems. Some cards (especially the more expensive ones) give victory points and some do not. On you turn you either take a few gems from the reserve or you spend them to buy. Cards, in addition to giving you victory points, give you bonuses that help you buy bigger and better things. For 2 – 4 players, games run approximately 30 minutes.

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Wayfinders Board Game Overview
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#04 | Wayfinders

Wayfinders makes the list of board games like Minecraft builders and biomes because it also puts an interesting movement mechanic in the middle of a development game. Instead of moving away from the center as a means of exploration and choosing what to go after, this uses movement as a way to expand to other islands and expand your fleet of airstrips. It is interesting because the paths others take affect your options and the flow of money.

Starting in the center of a 5×5 tile grid, players find themselves as intrepid explorers racing to chart new paths through the skies. You have two actions to take. Make an investment in future resources with one of your workers or build your empire while moving from tile to tile and placing airstrips on islands that are going to give you big scoring bonuses. For 2 – 4 players, games run approximately 25 – 45 minutes.

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Clash of Cultures Board Game

#03 | Clash of Cultures

Clash of Cultures makes the list of board games like Minecraft Builders and Biomes because here you are also exploring a new world and weighing the effects of the limited actions you can take in a multiple option world. This is, by far, more intense and adult, so if you are looking to kick up the strategy a notch, this is a good direction to go in.

This is a civilization game in which you lead a civilization from a single settlement to a mighty empire. Players must explore their surroundings, build large cities, research advances and conquer those who stand in the way. You have a big modular board to explore, 48 distinct advances, seven mighty wonders, and loads of miniatures and cards. If you create a culture that will be remembered and admired for millennia, you will claim victory. For 2 – 4 players, games run 3 – 4 hours.

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Amerigo Board Game

#02 | Amerigo

Amerigo makes the list of games like Minecraft Builders and Biomes because not only is it an exploration and engine building game, but it also has a large cube tower which determines resource allocation. Instead of heading into the Minecraft world, here you discover islands, build settlements, and uncover goods and treasure.

Players help Amerigo Vespucci on his journey, exploring the islands of South America, securing trading routes, and building settlements. A specialized cube tower is seeded with action cubes, which come in seven colors, with each color matching a particular type of action. Players need to take advantage of the actions currently available in the best way possible – and use their knowledge of which actions do what to play well over the course of the game. For 2 – 4 players, games go for about 90 minutes.

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Tikal Board Game

#01 | Tikal

Tikal takes the top spot on the list of board games like Minecraft Builders and Biomes because at a solid medium intensity level you are exploring an area and then dealing with building up your empire or how you are as an explorer all in a quest for the most points. Instead of the Overworld, here you are exploring the jungle and dig up monuments and treasures to edge out your competition.

This is a game of exploration within the Central American jungles in search of lost temples and the treasures within. Players send their team of explorers into the jungle, exposing more and more of the terrain. Along the way, you find temples that require further uncovering and treasures. Players attempt to score points for occupying temples and holding onto treasure. For 2 – 4 players, games run 90 minutes.

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