Continue if you are looking for games like Risky Chicken and are curious about what similar games to play next. The game consists of a series of “mountain climbs”, each involving two players at a time, the “leader” and their chosen “sidekick”. As players ascend the mountain, the potential payout grows, but so does the risk of falling, and it becomes wise to chicken out. At each level of the mountain, the leader and sidekick discuss whether they should continue climbing.

To determine this list we broke down Risky Chicken to what it is. The is a simple game that combines press your luck and the prisoner’s dilemma (2 people work together to yield the best result, but one member could also stab the other in the back to better benefit themselves) in a way that no other game has done before. You need to balance how far you want to push it but also keep one eye open on your fellow players. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all this into consideration and came up with this list of the 5 board games like Risky Chicken.

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Codenames Board Game Overview
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#05 | Codenames

Codenames makes the list of board games like Risky Chicken because it is a party game with a little press your luck and interesting team dynamics. Yes, this is a bit of a stretch becuase they are fundamentally different games, but in regards to a lively communicative experience that is about hedging luck and knowing one another, these two titles share many similarities.

The group is split into two teams. You are spies and you need to get your fellow operatives out of the field before your opponent does the same. This is represented by a grid of many words that secretly each have a blue operative, red operative, bystander or evil assassin under them. Each round, one member from each team gets to look at a decoder card showing all the locations and they need to communicate this to their team by giving 1-word answers. The key is that you need to give clues that apply to multiple spots to win. For 2 – 8 players, games run about 15 minutes per round.

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Cosmic Encounter Board Game

#04 | Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter makes the list of board games like Risky Chicken because it combines the prisoner’s dilemma mechanic with a healthy motivation to press your luck. It is much more intense, but if you like some of the base motivations and want to kick it up a notch, this is a great direction to go in. Here you will need to conquer the galaxy with shifting alliances and the unique powers of your alien race.

You are the leader of an alien race. On your turn, you become the offense and must move a group of your ships through the hyperspace gate to that planet. The offense vs. the defenses ships are in the encounter and both sides are able to invite allies, play an encounter card as well as special cards to try and tip the encounter in their favor. For 3 – 5 players, games last 1 – 2 hours each.

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Secrets Board Game Components

#03 | Secrets

Secrets makes the list of board games like Risky Chicken because it is a fun push your luck party game with interesting mysteries afoot. This is a bluffing card game where players are assigned a hidden team — the CIA or KGB — and are trying to collect the most points for their side. Oh yea, and there are secretly anti-establishment Hippies who are working for nobody.

On your turn, offer one of two randomly drawn agent cards to another player. These cards are worth points and have varying good or bad abilities. That player either accepts the agent, in which case they score it, or they refuse, in which case the card returns to you, and you score it. The game ends when a player has five cards, after which the teams are revealed; the team with the highest combined score wins, unless a Hippie has the single lowest score, in which case they win. For 4 – 8 players, games run 15 – 35 minutes.

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Dead Last Board Game Artwork

#02 | Dead Last

Dead Last makes the list of board games like Risky Chicken because it too has elements of pressing your luck with twists and turns having to do with how you deal with other players. Everything is up in the air, this is a game of shifting alliances, betrayals, and murder for profit in which players must conspire and vote upon whom to kill each round. This party game also blends in the prisoner’s dilemma mechanic to make for just the right amount of backstabbing.

Any means of overt or covert communication is allowed — a glance, a nod, pointing under the table, flashing a card, anything – but make sure you don’t tip off the target or they could ambush you instead! In the end, one or two players will remain, either claiming all the gold or squaring off in a final showdown before starting the next round of play. The first player to score 24 points of gold wins. For 6 – 12 players, games run 10 – 90 minutes.

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Bang Dice Game Player Dice
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#01 | Bang: The Dice Game

Bang The Dice Game takes the top spot on the list of board games like Risky Chicken because it is the ultimate combination of pushing your luck with dice and sizing up your fellow players. This is all about unique characters and playing to your communication strengths when all the cards are on the table. It is very light, breezy and perfect for a party atmosphere.

At the start of the game, players each take a role card that secretly places them on a team: the Sheriff and deputies, outlaws, and renegades. The Sheriff and deputies need to kill the outlaws, the outlaws win by killing the Sheriff, and the renegades want to be the last players alive in the game. On a turn, a player can roll the five dice up to three times, using the results of the dice to shoot neighboring players, increase the range of his shots, heal or do a few other things. For 3 – 8 players, games last around 15 minutes.

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