Continue if you are looking for board games like Settlers of Catan. You have discovered the game, played its hundreds of times and now you want more. Well, we are here to help. Here are good choices to transition to. Catan is a resource management game with a dice engine, layered player interaction with trading and the knights, and a theme of an open environment with a medieval flavor. If you like Settlers of Catan you will like these. Here is the list of 5 games like Settlers of Catan.

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Puerto Rico Board Close

#05 | Puerto Rico

Everyone gets their own gameboard which represents their region of Puerto Rico and the goal is to develop it by building stuff and growing crops to ultimately send back to your homeland. There are action cards you choose and it happens for all players. The crops get you points and points win you the game. It is all about putting the right mix of resources towards the right mix of improvements, winning the race to victory.

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Bonanza Base Cards

#04 | Bohnanza

This one may not seem like Catan on the surface, but it is all about that trading mechanism. You are a farmer planting fields of beans. The game is all with cards, no board, and you trying to get multiple copies of the same beans to get as many coins as possible. You only have two bean fields and you have to be strategic about managing your tight space. As for games on the like of games like Settlers of Catan, this is the only one with the trading.

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Ticket To Ride Board Game Route Intersection
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#03 | Ticket To Ride

A board (there are many versions like the US or Europe) has a map that is made up of countless train routes made up of various colors and cities they stop in. You get three secret route cards and your job is to create a route from your secret point A to point B. Build segments of a route by collecting resource cards of a given color and trading them in. You get points for making your route, but also having the most impressive (large size) routes. You have to play off your opponents, you have to have a base long term strategy but pivot at a moment’s notice and you have all the options in the world. Sure we are making an exception by adding this to the list of games like Settlers of Catan as it is not that similar, but play it and let us know.

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Machi Koro Board Game Card Stack
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#02 | Machi Koro

Machi Koro may not have as much going on as Settlers of Catan but there is one key special aspect it shares. The idea of making “bets” on the probability of a number rolling from 2x 6-sided dice. In Catan, you need a variety of resources. You take hexs of the same type, hopefully with a great 6 or 8 for the best chance to hit it, or you get a little riskier and cross your fingers with an eleven, to get as many resources as possible. In Machi Koro, this same risk/reward thinking is the whole game. Depending on what numbers hit you get coins, which helps you get more coins. If that is the part of the game you like, this entry on the list of games like Settlers of Catan is for you.

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Alhambra Board Game Building Tiles
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#01 | Alhambra

The top spot on our list of games like Settlers of Catan goes to Alhambra. Building tiles and money cards are put out in quantities of four at any given time. You as the player takes money to buy tiles and build out your city of “Alhambra”. As the game progresses random scoring cards pop up and trigger 3 rounds of scoring giving out points based on how many of a building you have in your town. This is all about pivoting on your overall strategy as you go along and beating your neighbor to the right resource.

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