Continue if you are looking for games like Small World and are curious about what similar games to play next. Small World is the amazing combat strategy game set in a fantastical world of just too many creature races to survive. Random races are put out and you need to choose how you are going to enter this world and secure your territory. You need to balance attacking and defending, but the bigger hook is that you can move multiple races and you need to know where and when.

There is nothing exactly like it, but if you are looking for something similar, this list is for you. This is the list of 5 games like Small World. We should also note that there is a separate standalone game called “Small World Underground” but it is the same game so we left it off this list.

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Struggle of Empires Board Game

#05 | Struggle of Empires

The bottom title on our list of games like Small World is a non-fantasy world one. Struggle of Empires recreates the various wars fought between the European powers as they attempted to become the dominant force in Europe and the rest of the world during the eighteenth century. Think of Civilization/Age of Renaissance set in the 18th century.

Players take the role of one of the major powers of the period. The twist to the game is that in each war, players must form into two alliances. Once allied with a player, you cannot fight each other. This creates a very interesting political aspect. At its core, like Small World, it is about control and when to push.

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1775: Rebellion Board Game

#04 | 1775: Rebellion

In 1775: Rebellion, players take the roles of the American Continental Army and Patriots against the British Army and the Loyalists. Each side tries to control the colonies, provinces and territories. The four factions each use their own deck of cards to move their units into positions. Battles are resolved quickly with custom dice. This is a war strategy game. This spot could have easily gone to Risk, but 1775: Rebellion has more layered territory control elements.

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Evo Board Game

#03 | Evo

In Evo, you control the survival and evolution of a species of dinosaurs called Dinos. You guide their migrations to temperate climates, you acquire the perfect genes to develop your Dinos and mutate them, and you push out other creatures that have yet to learn the meaning of the term “dominant species”.

At the end of the game, you and your Dinos will not be the winners unless you’ve evolved more quickly and successfully than everyone else. The game does not have the combat of Small World but the gameplay and territory control are too similar not to list.

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Cosmic Encounter Board Game

#02 | Cosmic Encounter

In the depths of space, the alien races of the Cosmos vie with each other for control of the universe. Alliances form and shift from moment to moment, while cataclysmic battles send starships screaming into the warp. Players choose from dozens of alien races, each with its own unique power to further its efforts to build an empire that spans the galaxy. This game is Small World in space, plain and simple. A slam dunk for the list of games like Small World.

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Vinci Board Game

#01 | Vinci

This was an easy choice for top spot on games like Small World because Vinci is the same game just with different thematics. Players cycle through a series of European civilizations. They attempt to score the most points using the civilization’s special powers. The game is set in Europe.

Each player selects a combination of civilization tiles, which give his civilization special abilities or characteristics. Players enlarge their empires through territorial expansion, often at the expense of other players. The key to the game lies in choosing when to allow your active civilization to go into decline in order to select a new one that will generate more points.

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