5 Games Like Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party! Full Board Game
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Sushi Go Party! is a board game where you draft adorable pieces of sushi and an attempt to get more points than your opponent. The game is fairly simple and relaxing, but the deep player interaction makes for some fierce gameplay. The game takes place during three rounds, each game with a brand new set of tiles. You want to draft the right combination of cards so you can get big points by grabbing the most dumplings for example. The game is light and can accommodate up to 8 players. This is a great one, but if you are looking for something similar this list is for you. This is 5 games like Sushi Go Party!

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Sake And Samurai Board Game

#05 | Sake & Samurai

In Sake & Samurai, you are a fierce and thirsty samurai warrior, willing to do anything to get the last cup of Sake. The winner is the drunkest samurai – in game terms, the player who has collected the most Sake drink counters – at the end of the Sudden Death round. You have resources like weapons, items, or even your personal skills.

Every drink you take means one less resource leaving you more and more defenseless, but at the same time, drinking gets you key bonuses so it is a tight rope walk. Like Sushi Go Party! this is a very simple card drafting, hand management party games for a group. It can accommodate 3 – 8 players and games last about 45 minutes. Sure this entry on the list of games like Sushi Go Party is out of print, but if you can find it, don’t pass it up.

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Deadwood 1876 Board Game

#04 | Deadwood 1876

In Deadwood 1876, you use cards from your hand to try to win Safes from other players. Safes contain Badges, Gold, or Showdown Guns. Near the end of the game, players with Badges get extra turns. After the final turn, the team with the most Gold will advance to the Final Showdown. There, teammates will have to fight each other to the death to declare a game-winner!

The game is a balance. If a player uses all of their best cards to hunt down Gold for their team, they’ll be defenseless in the Final Showdown. But if a player only goes after Guns and saves all of their best cards, their team might not have enough Gold to actually reach the Final Showdown. It has much more player interaction, but simple card drafting and hand management will make you feel like it should be on the list of games like Sushi Go Party!

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Ladies and Gentlemen Board Game

#03 | Ladies & Gentlemen

This one is a classier entry to the list of games like Sushi Go Party. Ladies & Gentlemen is all about the glamour! In teams of two – one playing a man, the other a woman – the players try to pull together the best-looking and most famous couple who will attend the big ball. 

The gentleman’s duty is to make as much money as possible, which the lady will then spend on jewelry, clothes, and exclusive accessories. You have action cards and different things to do in order to fuel this machine. The simple drafting and adorable premise (though sexist) scream out just like Sushi Go Party!

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Ohanami Board Game Gameplay
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#02 | Ohanami

Ohanami makes the list of board games like Sushi Go Party! because it is another great card drafting and set collection game with beautiful and fun artwork. It is very light and breezy and gives you just enough challenging restrictions to keep things interesting. Instead of building your sushi dinner, you are putting cherry blossoms in your gardens.

Games take place over 3 rounds where each round has players drafting 10 cards. Cards are cherry blossoms that have a number 1 – 120 on it (one card per number). Each player has three “garden” columns in front of them that grow over the 3 rounds as you add cards into them. The only rule is that the numbers have to go in ascending orders. If you placed a 32, then you can’t put down a 28 or 16 down on that column. Each card is one of four colors and that directly affects scoring, where after each round, certain colors get are scored. For 2 – 4 players, games go for about 20 minutes.

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Ion A Compound Building Game Board Game

#01 | Ion: A Compound Building Game

The top spot on this list of games like Sushi Go Party goes to ION. ION: A Compound Building Game is a card drafting game where players select from various Ion Cards and Noble Gas cards with the goal of creating sets of compounds and inert noble gases.

Each round you draft cards. Players must choose to either bond (pair) their selected card with another Element Card or set it alone (possibly to form an ionic bond at a later time). Just like you try to complete sets of tempura or otherwise in Sushi Go Party! you are doing the same thing but here it is complex bonds.

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