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Welcome To Roll and Write Action Card Pile
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If you are looking for games like Welcome To, you have come to the right place. Welcome To… is a relatively new roll-n-write board game that is sweeping the globe and capturing hearts everywhere. If you are not aware on a roll and right is, that is where everyone gets an individual sheet, something happens (like dice rolling) and then you have to mark off one of your space choices. Think Yahtzee. If you don’t know what Welcome To.. is, that is a game that brings it all together in a delightful 1950s suburbia theme. There are no dice in this one, but from cards you choose house numbers and actions to build the best (highest point total) neighborhood. If you are looking for something like it, here are 5 games like Welcome To.

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Suburbia Board Game

#05 | Suburbia

Just making the list of games like Welcome To is another city building game, Suburbia. This is the only game on the list that is not a roll and write. Suburbia is a strategy game that is part Settlers of Catan and part Sim City. Different tiles are available to you each turn (different residential, commercial, etc) and you build out your town to get the right bonuses. This is why it is similar to Welcome To, it is everything except the mark off a score each round thing and much more engine building.

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Rolling America Board Game

#04 | Rolling America

This is a very quick pick up game on the list of games like Welcome To that is very lightweight and inexpensive. In Rolling America you get a gamepad of sheets and a bag of dice. The sheet is a map of America broken up into spaces, some of which touch (like how countries touch on a Risk board). Your dice are colored and with the number you roll correspond to a number you have to write on your sheet. The challenge is numbers can only be next to numbers they are 1 off of. This makes for a challenging play. There are some wild actions as well. This doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Welcome To but it is a theme-driven roll and write.

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Lets Make A Bus Route Roll-N-Write

#03 | Let’s Make a Bus Route

This is another roll and write on the list. The interesting thing here is that it is in no way number driven at all. You are a bus driver and you need to create the best route to your destination, passing all the right stops. It has a very fun system of gameplay but where it really shines in how fun and interesting the theme is, just like Welcome To. Sure this is an out of print and hard to find game, but we didn’t want that to exclude it from the list of games like Welcome To.

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Thats So Clever Roll-N-Write

#02 | Ganz Schon Clever (That’s Pretty Clever)

This is a wild German import that is just making it to America. That’s Pretty Clever is a straight dice game with different actions to take based on the best dice choice. Like yellow goes into a specific grid that gives you points, purple has to go in order, orange can be any total, green has cost thresholds, blue has a completely different grid and white is wild. You choose where to go and each section interacts with each other in a way that will make you scream out “wow, that’s pretty clever”. Thematically it is only a game like Welcome To because it is in the same genre, but in terms of gameplay and how actions interact, this is a dead ringer for Welcome To.

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Saint Malo Board Game

#01 | Saint Malo

In Saint Malo players roll five dice to gain various resources; combinations of dice create enhancements like characters or buildings, which can provide additional victory points, money, or special actions, such as altering the outcome of a die roll. It is a roll and write with a civilization-building theme. It is a different vein, but the same type of adventure through and through. A slam dunk for the list of games like Welcome To.

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