Gen Con Online 2020 (July 30 – August 2) is going to be an important test for the future. With the Covid pandemic, live events are some of the hardest hit, and the folks behind the biggest names out there have been forced to innovate. For the first time ever, Gen Con will be entirely online. Things have not changed, with many of the technology features out there, people have found a way.

Board Game Publishers in particular have been putting together an impressive line up of events. Below please find the updates we have seen so far from publishers. Check back often to see regular updates.


Looks like Z-Man is focusing on their behemouth Pandemic line with lots of great features, playthroughs, how tos, talks with legendary designer Matt Leacock and an online tournament that is “safe from home”. In addition, special emphasis is being put on the mash up of Marvel and Love Letter in “Infinity Gauntlet”. And as they should, it looks like a fun one.


CMON has not set a schedule yet but they are touting what is to come. The marquee event for now appears to be the first ever playthrough of “Marvel United” followed by a live Q&A with designers Eric Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio. If this is all they had, it would be enough, but there is more. Sneak peaks of games like Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape and others are also promised.

More to come…

What are you excited about for Gen Con Online 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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