Giveaway: King of Tokyo – Feb 2020

Giveaway King of Tokyo Board Game

Our first February 2020 giveaway is the king of the hill dice combat board game, KING OF TOKYO! Created by the great Richard Garfield, this 2011 title is an in your face thrill ride for players of all ages and intensities. It has spawned many expansions and a follow up in King of New York. It is a beloved game set against the backdrop of cartoonish monsters like a giant lizard, monstrous ape or a space penguin. For 2 – 6 players, this is a fun one. Enter the King of Tokyo Giveaway below!

UPDATE: You missed this one but you can find the best roundup of the web’s board game giveaways here.


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  • “Check out the beginning of the video.” “The beginning,” in this case, being a value equal to “more than the first half.” So far. Still waiting.

    And now we’re at the end. Only now do I get the checkmark.

    (Psst: Four times seven is 28.)

    • Hi AV, it was meant to be arbitrary. Up to you how long, just as long as you check it out. We didn’t realize it would make you watch the whole video. We will work on that and apologize for any inconvenience.

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