October 12, 2021 – Publisher Grey Fox drops trailer and puzzle website for upcoming 4x board game Last Light. The epic title that spans mechanics of area majority/influence, dice rolling, grid movement, hand management, simultaneous action selection, variable phase order and player powers is coming to crowdfunding Q1 2022.

The game was announced back in August, but now a lot more materials have been debuted that can give you a better sense of the title and “unlock the secrets.” The first interaction of the robust website has launched and can be found at https://lastlightgame.com. Not only can you see the brand new trailer but you can participate in the brand new puzzle contest.


Last light is a fast paced 4x game with 3-D planets and a rotating board in which players playing asymmetrical alien factions simultaneously gather light right before the heat death of the universe.

Each turn players select an action card and all players will take their actions simultaneously. Exploring planets, mining for resources, gaining new technologies, and commanding fleets all while racing to the center of a rotating board to the last known white dwarf star to gather light for their civilization to survive.

The first player to gather 20 light has what they need to overcome their rivals and lay claim to the last light in the universe and win the game!


Solve puzzles and get to know the factions of Last Light to win an UPGRADED MEGA WHITE DWARF STAR and earn entries to a drawing for a FREE ALL-IN PLEDGE air shipped to you ahead of fulfillment! See prize details at bottom of page for more info.

How to Play

  • Submit the correct answer to one of the puzzles found at https://lastlightgame.com to get one FREE upgraded mega white dwarf star AND 1 entry into a drawing for the grand prize.
  • Gain an additional entry in the grand prize drawing for each additional puzzle you solve correctly. *stipulations apply

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