October 24, 2021 – As part of their new annual toys and gaming announcement event, Hasbro PulseCon 2021, the Avalon Hill team gave an everything HeroQuest Fall 2021 Update. Avalon Hill is the more hardcore strategic board game wing of Hasbro (that has been around on its own since 1954 and was acquired in 1998). HeroQuest was basically the original dungeon crawler that was originally released in 1989 and has been resurrected by Hasbro via a massive crowdfunding campaign that raised $3.7 million dollars.

Deep inside another dimension, face battling barbarians and evil magic on a quest for adventure in a maze of monsters. This is HeroQuest, the fantasy adventure game, where winning means mastering the art of combat and magic. Once you get into it, you’ll never be the same.

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HeroQuest Board Game Box

What is Heroquest?

“Heroquest is a dungeon crawling game that first launched in 1989. It is a beloved game that helped so many people discover their love of gaining and miniatures. Now thanks to our backers, we were able to relaunch Heroquest via a crowdfunding campaign last year.” – Olga from the marketing team.

What is included with the new Heroquest?

“Our Mythic backers are getting everything from that campaign. They are getting the base game, 2 expansions – The Return of the Witch Lord and Heller’s Keep. They are also getting all the special bonus miniatures and all the stretch goals including Joe Manganiello’s Quest and the Crypt of Darkness with the venom dragon miniature.”– Olga from the marketing team.

When does the shipping of the new Heroquest begin?

“Our backers should be getting their sets very very soon and we are just so excited for them to get the product because none of this would have been possible without their support.”– Olga from the marketing team.

Are there any updates on the new Heroquest companion app?

“Yes. Back in August, we announced we were working on a campaign app that would take on the role of Sargon, controlling the creatures in the dungeon, which allows all players to play as heroes. We surveyed the backers to ask which features they prefer to see and currently we are working on prioritizing the most popular features which will make it into the app, launching very soon.”– Olga from the marketing team.

What is up next for the Heroquest universe?

“There is nothing I can reveal yet but what I can say we have every intention to bring more Heroquest back to you very soon. We are currently looking at classic expansions as well as crafting new stories to tell. Since Heroquest first came out the world, and gaming in general, has evolved quite a bit. The team and I are currently looking through the archives in an effort to bring HeroQuest a new, and updated, future.” – Doug the lead developer on the project.

Why has the communication for Heroquest been so bad?

“If we had to be honest, we have not been perfect in keeping everyone in the loop on all things HeroQuest for the past year as we worked on building out this team. The Haslab campaign started as a small passion project that went far beyond our expectations, so it took a long time to build a team around it.” – Patrick from the Avalon Hill team.

What is this I am hearing about a Zargon takeover?

“Zargon is an evil wizard who has taken over our Twitter account and won’t give it back. He has magically locked me out of the account and I don’t know how to get in. So follow @HeroQuest on Twitter to find out what is going on with him on a daily basis and to get all the HeroQuest updates.

See the full panel and announcement from the Hasbro PulseCon Day 2 video (1:30:22 – 1:34:10):

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