July 29, 2021 – Ravensburger is expanding one of its most popular universes. The Horrified American Monsters Stand Alone Spin-off Announced. The original Horrified game is an incredibly popular title that was originally released in 2019. This new title, coming soon, expands on that gameplay but gives you brand new monsters to work with and some other exciting things to expect.

This co-op adventure game is great for any player at any level of intensity. It has a lot of meat on the bone without being too intense, so it is a great option for many different play situations.

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Check out the game description below:

Horrified: American Monsters is a standalone game that features gameplay similar to 2019’s Horrified, which challenges players to overcome the “Universal Monsters” from classic films.

In this co-operative game, you face off against classic American nightmarish beasts: Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, the Chupacabra, the Banshee of the Badlands, and the Ozark Howler. The more creatures in the game, the harder the challenge, with players needing to use their unique powers to figure out how to defeat each monster.

Horrified American Monsters Gamebox

Source: Ravensbuger

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