Our step-by-step guide to how to play Dizzle board game. Dizzle is a lovely roll-n-write game of using numbers to make strategic paths better than your opponents. This game may have little similarities to many other games but there is nothing quite like it. It is very well balanced and inviting to players of all ages and intensity levels. Learning how to play Dizzle is easy but mastering it is certainly not.

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Each player puts dice on fields with the matching number of pips (dots on the die) on their game sheet. At the end of each turn, the fields get marked with an “X”. This way players collect more and more “X”s on their sheets. Some fields enable special actions or provide extra points at the end of the game. The player with the most points at the end wins!


Time Needed: Approximately 30 minutes.

This is a step by step guide for how to play Dizzle the innovative roll-n-write board game. Additional notions and special rules can be found below the list. These will be referenced for your convenience.

1. SETUP | Everyone Gets A Game Sheet
The first step out how to play Dizzle setup is the main one. Give everyone their own score sheet from the pad. There are four different levels (increasing in difficulty). Choose any one you want but make sure everyone is using the same level. Each person will need a writing utensil.

2. GAMEPLAY | Decide Starting Player
All turns have lots of player interaction but there is always an active player that rolls all the dice that everyone utilizes. This moves around the circle and once everyone does that, this is considered a round. Decide that person however you like.

3. SETUP | Put Out Dice
Depending on the number of players, you will use a set amount of dice (1P: 8 | 2P: 7 | 3P: 10 | 4P: 13). Take these out to put in the center of the play area, put the rest back in the box. That’s it for set up on how to play Dizzle, very easy.

4. GAMEPLAY | Active Player Marks Round
Whoever is the active player (or first player on the very first go) marks the current round they are in on the track at the top corner. The number of overall rounds depends on player count (see reference in further information below). Only the active player does this because it shows they did their portion. When everyone has done this is shows the overall round is over.

5. GAMEPLAY | Player Rolls Dice
The active player rolls all the dice. Optional: Sort by value to make it easier for everyone to sift through.

6. GAMEPLAY | Choose Value
From the rolled dice, the active player chooses one to add to their sheet. This then goes clockwise around the circle, with other players picking one. This continues until one person cannot take a value. To use a die, you need to add a value to your scoresheet (1 – 6) that is next to an “X”. If there are no options that are next to an “X” or placed die, this is the scenario where you will not be able to take one and gameplay stops.

7. GAMEPLAY | Re-roll Chance
When a player cannot take a die, they have to make a choice to re-roll the remaining dice or not. If they re-roll and get a value they can use, great, they take it and gameplay continues. If they do not get something they can use, they have to instead remove one of their dice from their scoresheet. On a fail, the next player takes one more die and the round ends there. This is a major decision in the how to play Dizzle process.

8. GAMEPLAY | “X” Completed Spaces
Remove the dice you have successfully placed on your scoresheet this round and mark “X”s with your writing utensil to signify those have been completed.

9. GAMEPLAY | Change Player and Repeat
After a turn within a round has been completed, all the dice go to the next player and they start the roll process over. This keeps going until the game ends.

10. GAME END | All Rounds Completed
The game ends when all rounds have been completed (based on player count). Each player adds up the points they earned for special fields minus the points for bombs and brown piles.

11. WINNING | High Score Wins
Whoever has the highest point total at the end of the game wins. How to play Dizzle is very straightforward.



1 Player: 8 Dice / 10 Rounds
2 Player: 7 Dice / 6 Rounds
3 Player: 10 Dice / 4 Rounds
4 Player: 13 Dice / 3 Rounds


The goal of the solo how to play Dizzle game is the same, collect as many points as possible. The game ends after 10 rounds. There are only a few changes.

(1) You need 8 dice plus 2 additional dice, which are rolled separately from the main 8. The 8 dice are used as a general display from which the player takes their dice. The additional 2 dice simulate other players that take dice from the display.

(2) After the player has taken a die and placed it on their game sheet, they must roll the 2 additional dice. Matching with the rolled result, up to two dice must be taken from the general display. For example, if a “1” and a “4” have been rolled, then a “1” and a “4” must be removed from the display if those numbers are part of the display. Should there not be a die with a corresponding number, then the player is lucky and does not have to remove a die. Should both dice show the same number, then two dice with the number (if available) are removed.

(3) A bomb symbol that has been crossed out in a solo game yields 2 extra points.

Your glory is based on how well you did. The higher your score, the better. Point totals depend on level but are in line with the percentage you might get on a high school test.


  • 1x Pad with 4x Different Levels
  • 4x Felt Tip Pens
  • 13x Dice


We hope you can now say you know how to play Dizzle. Dizzle is a well put together roll-n-write game that may have many little things like other games, but there is nothing quite like this overall play experience. The game has many paths to victory and figuring out which one to take is a big part of the fun. This is an accessible game for players of all ages and intensities that has a great level of player interaction but is also just as satisfying as in solo mode. Learning how to play Dizzle may be easy but mastering it is not.