Our step-by-step guide to how to play Ripple Rush Board Game. This is an incredibly simple roll-n-write (or flip-n-write if you want to get technical) that anyone can pick up in no time. There is no intense, revolutionary gameplay here but it does its job of being lightweight filler well. This is a game that focuses on one concept.

You have a few different rows and numbers come up that you need to choose to place one at a time, but everything has to end ascending order, so tough decisions need to be made along the way. Learning how to play Ripple Rush is incredibly easy and will have you testing the odds against the numbers that come up in no time.

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Rush your way to victory with all sorts of crazy combos. Write a number on your sheet each turn. Bonus numbers from completing rows and capitalizing on your opponents’ misfortune, will help you fill out your sheet. Create the longest chains of numbers to score the most points.

There is no theme or anything like that, just a simple game with a simple set of rules. This is a test that has you shooting for as high of score as possible, game after game. The mechanics and learning how to play Ripple Rush is very easy.


Time Needed: Approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

This is a step by step guide for how to play Ripple Rush the lightweight shapes and numbers flip-n-write game. Additional notions and special rules can be found below the list. These will be referenced for your convenience.

1. SETUP | Give Out Scoresheets
To kick off how to play Ripple Rush setup, give each player a score sheet and pencil.

2. SETUP | Form Number Card Deck
Of the 100 number cards, take 20 cards for each player playing. So, if you have 4 players, for example, your deck will be 80 cards total. Put this in center of table and put the extra cards back in the box

3. SETUP | Give Out Goal Cards
This is optional if you want to play a few without it first. Shuffle up the 8 goal cards and flip-up 2 for use in the game. These are objectives that award points to the first person to get them. The remaining cards can go back to the box.

4. GAMEPLAY | Each Player Flips Card
Each player takes a card from the central number deck and flips it up in front of them.

5. GAMEPLAY | Each Player Rights Number
Everyone now writes the number they were dealt somewhere on their score sheet. Based on the color it is, that is the row it needs to go into. The number can go in any space on that row as long as all number spaces to one side are all lower and on the other side are all higher.

6. GAMEPLAY | Completing Row Bonus
On the left side of each row, there are different symbols. These are scoring bonuses you get if you get those four spaces across filled out. Once you put in the fourth number, completing a row, do whatever it says. If it is a number it means to put that number anywhere and if it is a shape it means to write any number you want in any one of that shape.

7. GAMEPLAY | Second Chance Triggered On Miss
Whenever you cannot play the number dealt to you, a single second chance card is flipped up. The penalty is that other players may now choose to place your original number in addition to theirs into their sheet. If your second chance is a number you are able to use, you can add it to your sheet.

8. GAMEPLAY | Discard
Get rid of any number cards up on the table and get ready for another turn.

9. GAMEPLAY | Repeat All Over Until You Run Out Of Cards
After the three phases of a turn (draw, write, discard) have completed, start all over again. Keep going until the number deck is out of cards, which triggers the game end.

10. SCORING | Add Each Score Column
Each of the four colored columns on your score sheet will have their own score. That score is 1 point for each filled space in the longest consecutive chain of filled spaces you have. So of the 8 spaces, say you didn’t fill out the top two, filled out the next three, missed the next one, and got the last two, that would be a total of 3 points because that is the largest grouping you have. Add these 4 grand totals together to form your base score.

11. SCORING | Add Any Objective Points
If you are playing with the objective cards, award points to any player that achieved any points from them.

12. WINNING | Highest Point Total
The completion of how to play Ripple Rush is exactly what you would expect, the player that ends with the highest point total wins.



The shadow of the shape should always be in the top left hand corner. This is important for determining between 9s and 6s as there is no other indication.

Playing with the object cards is optional. It is recommended you play a few games of the base game first to get the flow before adding those additional tasks.


  • 1x Pad of 100 Scoresheets
  • 5x Pencils
  • 1x Rule Sheet
  • 100x Number Cards
  • 8x Goal Cards


We hope you can now say you know how to play Ripple Rush. This is a very breezy roll-n-write game that boils down on one mechanic. It is very easy to pick up and play and something that will easily travel anywhere you go. The simple gameplay of filling numbers into ascending rows as space gets limited is accentuated by vibrant colors and shapes.