Step-by-step instructions on how to play Second Chance Board Game. This is a lovely roll-n-write (or flip-n-write depending on who you talk to) that is very light and for anyone who loves Tetris. It is designed by the legendary Uwe Rosenberg and is about as simple and breezy as they come. This game scratches a nice little itch and is very simple to learn. This is our definitive guide to how to play Second Chance.

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Each round you have the choice between two puzzle tiles. Draw one of them into your grid. If you cannot fit either of the two tiles, you receive a Second Chance! If you manage to fit it you move on, if not you are out.

Draw puzzle tiles in your grid to fill it out completely as possible. If you have the fewest empty squares by the end of the game, you win.


Time Needed: Approximately 15 minutes.

This is a step by step guide for how to play second chance the light and fun roll-n-write board game. Additional notions and special rules can be found below the list. These will be referenced for your convenience.

1. SETUP | Give Everyone A Sheet & Pencil
To kick off this how to play Second Chance journey, give each player one of the empty grid score sheets and a writing utensil. The game comes with color pencils which you can use, but no need to worry about colors mattering for anything,

2. SETUP | Put Out Shape Deck
The cards with the color mosaic on the back are the shape cards. Shuffle these up and put them in an accessible spot face down. Separate out the cards with no color on them, these are the starting shapes.

3. SETUP | Hand Out Starting Shape
Each player needs to be randomly dealt one of the colorless shape cards. These are the starting shapes and every player gets one. The play then draws this shape on their grid anywhere and gets rid of the cards as it is no longer needed. This is the final step of the easy how to play Second Chance setup.

4. GAMEPLAY | Two Cards from the Shape Deck Are Flipped Up
Take the top two cards from the shape them deck and flip them up as the two options for the turn.

5. GAMEPLAY | Choose One and Draw That Symbol In Grid
All players act simultaneously. Everyone chooses one of the two shapes and draws it somewhere on their grid where it can fit, unobstructed.

6. GAMEPLAY | Take Second Chance If Needed
In any given turn, if a player cannot fit either of the two cards in their grid, they get a second chance. They flip another card and if they can draw that one in, the game is saved and they move on. If multiple players need a second chance at the same time, they each get their own card.

7. GAMEPLAY | Sit Out If Fail the Second Chance
IF you fail your second chance and cannot add it to your grid you sit out until the game ends. This does not mean you lose, it only means you are done for the game. It comes down to how many spaces are left and what the other players do.

8. GAMEPLAY | Repeat Card Flipping
That is it for a turn, learning how to play Second Chance is very easy. Go back and flip two new cards and start all over again. Continue until a win condition happens.

9. WINNING | Player Fills Out Their Grid
If any player successfully fills out their entire grid, they win immediately. This is a tie if multiple players do it on the same turn.

10. WINNING | Least Spots Remaining
After all players can no longer add shapes to their grid, the game ends. Whoever has the least empty spaces remaining on their grid wins. In a tie situation, players who have to bow out of the game later have the edge.



  • you MAY rotate and mirror titles
  • you MAY draw the tiles either adjacent or separate
  • you MAY NOT change the position of drawn tiles
  • you MAY NOT draw tiles on top of each other or overlapping
  • you MAY NOT draw tiles in a way that exceeds the grid


  • 1x Book of Grid Score Sheets
  • 40x Puzzle Cards
  • 13x Starting Tile Cards
  • 3x Overview Cards
  • 6x Colored Pencils


We hope you can now say that you know how to play Second Chance. This is a wonderful and tight, light roll-n-write game published by Stronghold Games and designed by the legendary Uwe Rosenberg. This is going to be a fun one for anyone who likes Tetris and light roll-n-write puzzle games. One of its big benefits is that learning how to play is easy and this can clearly be seen by the above count of 10 steps from start to finish.