Our step-by-step guide to how to play Sketchy Tales Disney board game. This is a party game set in the Disney universe that is all about communication limits and one’s ability to properly draw a random character and action across different circumstances. The core mechanic of going from person to person harks back to a game a telephone where the missteps in passing a message through a variety of people is where the fun comes in. Learning how to play Sketchy Tales Disney is very easy to do and will have you and your friends laughing almost immediately.

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The aim of the game is to score two more points than the number of players playing. For example, if there are six players, the winner must score 8 points. Points are awarded for silly drawings and ridiculous guesses. You start with a character from the Disney universe conducting some action, but what you end up with usually something quite different.


Time Needed: Approximately 20 minutes.

This is a step by step guide for how to play Sketchy Tales Disney the popular drawing and guessing with a twist board game. Additional notions and special rules can be found below the list. These will be referenced for your convenience.

1. SETUP | Give Out Pen, Numbered Board & Clip
To kick off how to play Sketchy Tales Disney setup, every participating player gets their own pen, numbered backboard and clip.

2. SETUP | Put Out Disney & Action Cards
Take the stacks of two sided Disney character cards, as well as, the action cards and put them in the center for everyone.

3. SETUP | Put Out Blank Cards
Also in the center, put out plenty of black cards to draw on throughout the game. This is the last setup step in how to play Sketchy Tales Disney.

4. GAMEPLAY | Everyone Takes a Character & Action Card
To start, each player takes a double-sided Disney Card and an Action Card. Keep Them Secret. Decide which character you want to draw and which action you want to perform.

5. GAMEPLAY | Sketch Your Drawing
On the blank side of your background, sketch your Disney character performing their action. The only rule is no words.

6. GAMEPLAY | Pass Sketch Facedown Clockwise
Once everyone has finished their masterpieces, they pass them facedown to the player on their left.

7. GAMEPLAY | Interpret & Give Clue
Now each player must interpret what they are seeing on this drawing that was passed to them. Clip a blank card over the drawing your just saw (completely covering it up) and YOU write out the words of what you are seeing (basically making a new clue that is hopefully close to the original). Write the character and what they are doing on the card.

8. GAMEPLAY | Pass & Draw
Now that everyone has written down a character and an action, now pass that same stack, again to the player on everyone’s left. This player again takes a blank card to clip over the clue they just say. This time, they need to interpret that clue and draw what it tells them.

9. GAMEPLAY | Repeat Sequence
The process of moving to a player, writing a new clue, then moving to a new player, who then draws that clue, continues until each stack has returned to the player who originally started it.

10. GAMEPLAY | Reveal “Stories” and Judge
After all players have their original stack in their hands, each person goes one at a time and reveals the little game of telephone that has happened. Of the 3 to 7 steps in this (depending on player count), the original player chooses their favorite clue or drawing and that player gets a point.

11. BONUS SCORE | Matching
If your original drawing matches almost identically to what the final product was, a very tough feat, you get a bonus 3 points,

12. WINNING | First To Achieve Point Threshold
This process is completed over an over until one player has earned a score of at least the number of players plus two. That is it for how to play Sketchy Tales Disney.


Disney Characters Included

Aladdin, Anna, Ariel, Aurora, Baloo, Bambi, Baymax, Belle, Bing Bong, Bo Peep, Bolt, Boo, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Hook, Carl, Chicken Little, Cinderella, Cruella De Vil, Dory, Dumbo, Elastigirl, Elsa, Eve, Forky, Genie, Grumpy, Hei Hei, Jack Jack, Jessie, Judy Hopps, Kevin, King Louie, Lightning McQueen, Lumiere, Maleficent, Merida, Mickey Mouse, Mrs. Potts, Mulan, Nemo, Nick Wilde, Olaf, Pascal, Peter Pan, Piglet, Pongo, Pumba, Ralph, Rapunzel, Remy, Sebastian, Simba, Stitch, Sully, Tianna, Tinker Bell, Ursula, Wall-E, Winnie The Poo, Woody


  • 60x Cards
  • 76x Dry Erase Cards
  • 8x Sketchy Pens
  • 8x Clips
  • 1x Instruction Sheet


We hope you can now say you know how to play Sketchy Tales Disney. This is a party game about fun drawing and guessing with interesting communication restrictions making it a challenge. Like a classic game of telephone, having a clue making it through many different people sure is hard but regardless of the outcome, it is always fun. If you are a Disney fan, of any age, you are going to love diving in to all the wonderful properties they have to offer.