Our step-by-step guide to the rules of how to play What Do You Meme board game. This is a submit and judge party game that has everyone trying to be poignant or funny based on the task at hand and the options that are available to you. This is a game that is great with a group and plays very fast and easy. What Do You Meme is one of the most popular of its kind and has been winning hearts since its release in 2016. Learning how to play What Do You Meme is incredibly easy, you will be up and making snide remarks in no time.

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What Do You Meme is the adult party game taking the internet by storm. Find out who will be crowned Meme Queen/King by competing with friends (or family if you’re brave) to match photo cards with caption cards, creating your own outrageously funny meme combinations. It’s the perfect excuse to call up the crew, and get everyone together for guaranteed laughs.

An image clue is thrown in the middle by the active player. Everyone else has a hand full of text cards which are meant to be the flavor text to go along with the image, forming a meme. Each non active player chooses the words they think will go best and secretly submits their choice. The active player then goes through all the choices, reads them aloud, and chooses their favorite as the winner. That person gets a point.


Time Needed: Approximately 30 – 90 minutes.

This is a step by step guide for how to play What Do You Meme the popular submit and judge party board game. Additional notions and special rules can be found below the list. These will be referenced for your convenience.

1. SETUP | Put Out Photo Cards
The first step to how to play What Do You Meme setup is to shuffle up the large deck of photo cards and make a pile, face down, central for everyone to grab from.

2. SETUP | Create Caption Deck
Shuffle up the caption cards and form a large facedown deck.

3. SETUP | Draw Starting Hands
Each player draws 7 caption cards to form their opening hand.

4. SETUP | Determine Starting Player
The final step of how to play What Do You Meme setup us to use your randomizer of choice to determine who will go first. It is pretty arbitrary, so do not give it much thought.

5. GAMEPLAY | Active Player Puts Out Photo Card
Whoever is the active player flips over a photo card for other people to submit a caption for.

6. GAMEPLAY | Other Players Submit Caption
Each player chooses one of the 7 cards from their hand they think best goes with the photo (funny, smart, etc) and secretly submits it to the middle.

7. GAMEPLAY | Active Player Makes Selection
Once all players have made a decision and put a card face down in the middle, the active player takes them all to judge. They do not know who submitted what, they just need to pick a winner. The winner takes the photo card as a marker for a point in determining who wins.

8. GAMEPLAY | Draw Back Up To 7 Cards
At this point, for anyone with less than 7 caption cards, they draw from the deck until they are back up to 7 total.

9. GAMEPLAY | Pass And Repeat
Once this process completes, the turn is over and the active player passes to the player on the left. That player then repeats all these gameplay steps. This continues until the game ends. As you can see, learning how to play What Do You Meme is very easy.

10. WINNING | Most Points Win
When the game ends is fluid, you can either play until someone gets a certain point total or you could play a set number of rounds (like everyone gives a clue once for example). At the end of the predetermined point, the person who has accrued the most photo cards wins.



If someone plays a “Freestyle” card, all players have to make up a caption on the spot for that round. If your group is feeling shy, you can write them on scraps of paper for the judge, or if you are feeling bolder, out loud.

If you do not like your hand of caption cards, you can exchange one of your earned photo cards to discard your hand and get a brand new set of 7. This can be done at any time.

It is highly encouraged that you add your own photos to the game. These go in place of the photo cards to get some fun real life commentary.


  • Photo Cards
  • Caption Cards
  • Rulebook


We hope you can now say you know how to play What Do You Meme. This is a very light and breezy party game that is beloved by many. There are many games just like this, like Cards Against Humanity or Apples To Apples, but with the pop culture twist and target of slightly different humor, this is more than its own thing. This is an adult game that gets into the R rated zone, but is all generally good fun. The rules for How Do You Meme are easy to pick up and we hope you have enjoyed this step-by-step guide.