Who doesn’t want fun in their lives? Well, we have some for you. We are throwing a little impromptu competition to guess some board games. Over on the Board Game Halv Instagram page, via the stories, we will be sharing a total of 30 clues from November 01 – 15, 2019 in bursts of 0 – 4 games per day. Whoever can get the most will be crowned king and hopefully get something special. This is the Name the Game Event November 2019.

UPDATE: You missed this one but you can find the best roundup of the web’s board game giveaways here.



Via the 24-hour stories section of the @boardgamehalv Instagram account, we will be sharing a series of extreme close up board game shots. The story will have a blank question box that will let you answer the question “what game is ths?” Any individual will have 24 hours from the time it is posted to put in a guess via this method, and that individual will only have one guess.

If you get it right you get one point. There is nothing for you to do, we will keep track of everything. We hope to crown an overall winner or a few winners, but even more importantly, if you get at least 18 points we hope to take all those names and raffle off some board game love, maybe buy one or more folks a board game they want.

There are a few bonus point opportunities – (1) For each question, we will share one person’s correct answer to reveal that answer. If it is your answer shared, you get 2 additional points. This is up to the sole discretion of Board Game Halv, so go for funny, poignant or emotional, but above all relevant. (2) The first 6% of all answerers, regardless of their answer, get 1 bonus point. (3) If one person participates in all 30 questions, they get 3 bonus points.


  1. Follow @BoardGameHalv on Instagram.
  2. Watch @BoardGameHalv Instagram stories from November 01 – 15.
  3. Look for extreme close-ups of board games with the question “What game is this?”, there will be a total of 30 at 0 – 4 per day for 15 days.
  4. Answer. Fill in the name of the board game you think it is.
  5. If you get it right, you get a point. We keep track, nothing for you to do.
  6. There are some bonus point opportunities like answering fast.
  7. Try and get at least 18 points over the fifteen days.
  8. This is not an official competition, just a friendly competition. However, we do plan on giving away a game to someone and maybe more. There are many things we are thinking about, play along and have fun, but no promises. Just trust us, we are here to bring board games to the world and will do what we can.
Instagram Event Name the Game Azul Example


This is not an official competition. No side is bound by any obligations and no one is required to do anything. We are simply asking people to play along with an activity that we have planned which we believe we will be fun. Like organizing a neighborhood baseball game. What we do hope to do, however, is take anyone who got at least 18 points and raffle off a nice prize (like a board game of choice within reason) to one of those individuals. And give notoriety if there is a true champion. No promises on anything. This is our first one of these so be gentle.