May 23, 2022 – One of the most prestigious awards is getting underway. Today the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2022 nominations were announced. This award out of Germany is part of the Spiel des Jahres awards that are part of the Essen game convention. This particular award translates to the best kids game of the year. Here are the nominations:

  • Quacks & Co. designed by Wolfgang Warsch and published by Schmidt Spiele.
  • Clever Junior designed by Wolfgang Warsch and published by Schmidt Spiele.
  • Magic Mountain designed by Jens-Peter Schliemann & Bernhard Weber and published by Amigo.

In addition to the nominations, the committee also put forward the following recommendations: The Villa of the Vampires, Fröschis, Golden Egg and Honey.

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Last year Dragomino won this award, which is the kids version of Kingdomino. It is interesting to see that this year, there are two games on the list that are kids versions of more adult games. Quacks & Co is the kids version of push you luck race game The Quacks of Quedlinburg and Clever Junior is the kids version of roll and write That’s So Clever.

Also interesting is that master board game designer Wolfgang Warsch has taken two of the three spots on this nomination list. It makes sense, his long list of hits includes The Taverns of Tiefenthal (2019), Wavelength (2019), The Mind (2018), Illusion (2018), Fuji (2018), Brikks (2018) and many more.

The Kinderspiel des Jahres started in 1989, a decade after the original Spiel des Jahres award began. Some past winners include Hedgehog Roll (2020), Valley of the Vikings (2019), Dragon’s Breath (2018), Ice Cool (2017) and My First Stone Age (2016).

You can watch the full live stream presentation, including the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2022 nominations, below:


Quacks and Co 3d Box

Quacks & Co.

Every year, the day before the market, the children compete in the big race and this year you will be joining in! Play with Quacks the donkey and friends, where you’re working to move the animals along the track by feeding them. But, this is no normal food, it doesn’t always help your four-legged friends move very far forward!

You’ll need to find the correct combination of food to be as fast as possible. Sometimes a ‘dream weed’ finds its way into your bag, and your animals will take a little nap instead. Collect rubies as you go, which can be used to buy more supplies! Race your way to the finish line to win the coveted golden cauldron.

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Clever Junior 3d Game Box

Clever Junior

What a fantastic party! There are balloons to pop, candles to blow out, presents to open and loooooots of sweets to eat. There’s something to please everyone! Players who cleverly cross off the symbols that are rolled will collect lots of rainbow stars and bonus turns. But watch out! All of the dice that you don’t use can be used by your fellow players. That means everyone gets to play and no one has to wait around.

Before playing Each player receives one game sheet from the pad and a pencil. The player who most recently celebrated their birthday starts the round using all of the dice. Now the festive dice game can begin! Dice and game sheets Start by taking a good look at the dice. The faces of the dice have a background color (yellow, red, green, blue) and a symbol (balloon, candle, present, sweets). There are also three sides with a joker symbol. The background colors on the dice always correspond with a specific colored area on the game sheet.

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Magic Mountain 3d Game Box

Magic Mountain

In this cooperative game, kids and parents work together to save the village from the villains. Players pull a hidden ball out of the bag, then work together to figure out the best route to roll it down the mountain. Every piece it hits moves ahead to the next open space of that color on the track, getting closer and closer to the village. Can you find the right path to get the villagers there before the villains?

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