This King of Tokyo review is hopefully as exciting as this fast-paced kind of the hill combat strategy board game. The game is very simple, you are either the first one to 20 points or you are the last one standing. That simple premise makes for an action-packed 15 minutes that puts you on the edge of your seat the entire time. There is no time for a long term strategy, you are thrown into it and you need to battle your way out in the moment. This is our King of Tokyo Review.

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Fun (10 out of 10)

Games are quick, intense and fun. A little too much of the game is luck driven but that’s what it is. You need to put your best foot forward and just hope the dice go your way. Not everything has to be an intense multi prog strategy game, you have a few options here and you go at them hard. King of Tokyo knows exactly what it is and it does it right. High marks from this King of Tokyo review.

Replayability (6 out of 10)

The only way the game changes from game to game is a small thing that the energy cards, which may not even come into play, are different each time. Not huge but that’s something. Where the replayability comes in is that games are quick and intense, you finish one and you are immediately want to start again. Every game chasing the luck of the dice.

Player Interaction (8 out of 10)

This is an all-out battle and it does it well. You are either in Tokyo or you are outside of it and the game does a great job balancing the pros and cons of both sides. With that, it really sets the stage for you to be able to act in a way that might get you back on top. This is all done with the masterful player action. You have offense/defense, alliances with other players and distractions all over the place. Will you be able to come out the solo victor.

Quality (9 out of 10)

Any time you have a simple game, that is (arguably) harder to execute that a game with lots going on. That is because being interesting and balanced is everything and that is hard to do. This King of Tokyo review is happy to report that they have succeeded. Everything is well-produced and the dice, in particular, are as heavy and commanding as the moves you need to make with them are.

Art & Style (9 out of 10)

Nothing is officially affiliated with Godzilla but they do a great job of capturing that old school Rampage vibe. Any time you could have a giant ape known as “The King” battle a “Space Penguin” or “Cyber Kity” you can go ahead and sign us up. Across the board, this outrageous monsters taking Tokyo is held throughout and has lots to it. Very well executed.


King Of Tokyo Review | Board Game Halv

If you are looking for something quick and lightweight that has a little bit, King of Tokyo is for you. It can also be for those gamers who are always hesitant to be the "bad guy". You are so forced to be aggressive, that there is no way to escape it and no way to be upset about it. The theme is fun and the gameplay is satisfying. A big recommend to add to the collection. This has been our King of Tokyo review.

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