October 9, 2021 – Kingdom Builder Wins the 2021 Juego del Año Award, the Spanish equivalent of the board game of the year. Nominees were announced on October 2nd and a panel of 6 judges voted to determine a winner. Games that were released for the first time in the country of Spain are eligible, which is why this title that was released years ago in other countries was able to take home the very honorable award.

Kingdom builder beat out some very stiff competition including – MicroMacro: Crime City by Johannes Sich (SD Games), Paleo by Peter Rustemeyer (Devir), The Red Cathedral by Sheila Santos &  Israel Cendrero (Devir) and Unmatched by Rob Daviau & Craig Van Ness & JR Honeycutt & Justin D. Jacobson (TCG Factory)

In Kindom Builder, originally released for the first time in 2011, players create their own kingdoms by skillfully building their settlements, aiming to earn the most gold at the end of the game. Nine different kinds of terrain are on the variable game board, including locations and castles. During their turn, a player plays their terrain card and builds three settlements on three hexes of this kind. If possible, a new settlement must be built next to one of that player’s existing settlements. When building next to a location, the player may seize an extra action tile that he may use from his next turn on. These extra actions allow extraordinary actions such as moving your settlements. For 2 – 4 players, games run about 45 minutes.

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The award has been around since 2005 has given this award to some very distinguished titles over the years. Check out the full list of winners to see what other titles have been crowned winners.

Kingdom Builder Juego del Ano 2021

Source: http://premio-jda.es/?p=1869

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