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Kingdomino vs, the complete list of 1-on-1 game showdowns. When thinking about the board game Kingdomino, we compared it to each other title you might be thinking of to point out the pros and cons of that specific situation to help inform you what to do. Kingdomino is an award-winning drafting game that combines that classic domino with civ building that pays off because of pattern building and space management. This is Kindomino vs.

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Kingdomino vs Queendomino

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Verdict For the Shelf: These are not the same game so it is not a matter of which is better. Kingdomino (80% of the time) because it is more versatile and will please a larger group of people. The core game is so good, it is really hard to replicate those well. Queendomino (20% of the time) if you very specifically want that richer economic game. Though, maybe look to 7 WONDERS to satisfy your drafting meets development itch.

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Kingdomino vs Catan

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Verdict For the Shelf: Catan (80% of the time) and Kingdomino (20% of the time). Honestly, Catan is just one of those iconic games and if you have the choice for only one, it should get the benefit of the doubt. The only time you should really prioritize King is on number of players, it is a fantastic 2 player board game and perfect if you need that. You could argue that Kingdomino is lighter and that is a selling point, but Catan is so easy to play and pick up that you can discard that right away. You lose the exciting drafting component, but that is made up for with Catan’s trading.

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Kingdomino vs Patchwork

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Verdict For the Shelf: Kingdomino (68% of the time) and Patchwork (32% of the time). It really is a 50/50 coin flip between these two games, but the versatility of the 2 – 4 players in Kingdomino vs Patchwork only being for 2 players is a lot of missed opportunities. Each game is top of class and has slight tweaks to the gameplay that will just make it interesting enough to be its own fun thing. You could go either way.

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Kingdomino vs Kingdomino Duel

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Verdict For the Shelf: Kingdomino (82% of the time) and Kingdomino Duel (8% of the time). Before saying anything else, Duel is a wonderful roll-n-write that is worth your time. It is just that Kingdomino is at the top of its class, award winning and the reason Duel exists. It can handle more players and at the end of the day it can probably create more styles. If you always have 2 players, and you love roll-n-writes, then fine go with Kingdomino Duel.

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Kingdomino vs Azul

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Verdict For the Shelf: Kingdomino (65% of time) and Azul (35% of the time). This is mainly because the math in Azul is pretty prohibitive. Both are amazing games and this would almost be a coin flip, but as great and intelligent as the math in Azul is, it takes it out of you. Past that it comes down to intensity level. They are the same type of game, if you are looking for something for intense and strategic, go with Azul, if you want quick and easy but still robust, Kingdomino should be your choice.

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Kingdomino vs Santorini

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Verdict For the Shelf: Kingdomino (50% of the time) and Santorini (50% of the time). This is a coin flip, these are both very different games that are hard to compare. Both are at the top of their class, so you are getting quality out of both. They are both great games so your really cannot go wrong.

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What games do you want to see on Kingdomino vs? Let us know in the comments below.

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