January 26, 2021 – Board game designers Lindsey Rode and Isaac Vega form Rose Gauntlet Entertainment it was announced today via a company message on Twitter. In addition to providing links to their site, newsletter sign up and Youtube, they also provided details of their first title, Keystone: North America, and three other projects that are currently coming up on their slate.

  • Keystone: North America – Releasing Q2 2022
  • Gone To Gaia (digital project) – Releasing 2022
  • Life After Dungeon – Releasing 2023
  • Keystone: Africa – Releasing 2023

According to their new corporate website, “Isaac and Lindsey have been friends for what feels like forever, but is probably closer to 7 years. As their friendship evolved, they began dreaming of how great it would be to one day work together. The stars aligned and that dream grew into a reality in September of 2020.” They launch the company with core values in mind. Important ideas like games are for everyone, strive to build community, putting their hearts in everything and having resilience will be at the forefront of everything they do.

“The vision behind Rose Gauntlet was created from two great needs they both felt were missing in their careers. The first need was to have complete freedom over their art, and to tell the stories that would reflect parts of who they were. The second need was to build a home for their community, that could foster a welcoming, engaging, and creative environment where people would be able to connect with others through a love of gaming. With Rose Gauntlet they hope to create a company that will build incredible worlds, tell lasting stories, welcome diverse communities, and give back to the next generation of gamers and creators,” the site continues.

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Rose Gauntlet Entertainment Keystone North America

Keystone: North America

Board Game | Coming Q2 2022

“Easy to learn, brain burning strategy game designed by Jeffery Joyce and Isaac Vega. Players take on the role of a biologist and will work to build an interconnected ecosystem through careful placement of cards and mindful planning of actions. Keystone: North America seeks to share the deep passion for wildlife and conservation biology held by its co-designer Jeffery Joyce.”

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Rose Gauntlet Entertainment Gone To Gaia

Gone To Gaia

Digital Game | Coming 2022

“Isaac Vega’s first leap into digital game design. In Gone to Gaia, the player takes on the role of three characters who must venture through the Tide, a strange poisonous fog that has enveloped most of the world. To help quell the Tide, and ensure it does not rise further, the heroes, protected by powerful suits, must venture towards Gaia. A strange alien like deity that appears in random locations within the Tide.”

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Rose Gauntlet Entertainment Life After Dungeon

Life After Dungeon

Board Game | Coming 2023

“The battle is over. The journey is done. Yet, somehow the adventure continues. Step into the world of After, and rediscover what you left behind. Life After Dungeon is a cooperative dungeon-crawling RPG from the minds of Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode that aims to tell touching and action-packed stories as well as bring new life to your tabletop collection! This will be Lindsey and Isaac’s first design collaboration..”

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