April 21, 2022 – The original and iconic Los Angeles Board Game Cafe Game Haus sells to Snakes and Lattes. The owners of the independent location California location made the announcement via their Instagram that they were selling the company to what is becoming the board game cafe brand.

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The Los Angeles landmark was started nine years ago, being one of the first board game cafes in Southern California. Others had come and gone, but Game Haus succeeded. Then the pandemic hit and everything changed. They shut down for a couple of years but did what they could to keep the lights on. They leaned on their baking business and did a weekly pie order and pick up system, as well as, a board game rental program among other things.

As things open back up and get back to normal, this feels like a good time to really invest in growth if that is what Snakes and Lattes is trying to do. The brand that started in Canada and as the post says “originated the concept in North America” has a great reputation for quality and is in a really good position to to be the brand when it comes to board game cafes.

This is bittersweet news because it was always such a community location synonymous with its owners but at least it is in good hands and at least it is not closing like so many other businesses out there.

Do you think it is a good thing Los Angeles Board Game Cafe Game Haus sells to Snakes and Lattes? Let us know in the comments below!