July 7, 2021 – A new stand-alone adventure, Machi Koro 2 board game announced By Pandasaurus Games. This is a follow-up to the 2012 smash-hit family-friendly dice game from Japan! There are two big changes from the original design, aside from all-new cards:

1. Every game will be different with the new card randomization system. Buildings are separated into three decks (1-6, 7-12, and landmarks), but only five card types from each deck are revealed at a time.

2. The round structure is different. Players will complete three initial building rounds where they spend coins to choose the first buildings in their little towns. Landmarks also work differently, as they each have unique effects and can be built in any order, but each one you build gets more expensive.

The game is now available for pre-order with the game releasing October 6, 2021. You can make your purchase starting today at the Pandasaurus website.

  • 2-5 players
  • 45 min
  • Ages 10+
  • $30 MSRP
  • Designer: Masao Suganuma
  • Artist: Noboru Hotta
  • Mechanics: Dice rolling, Tableau building, City building

In traditional Pandasaurus flare, the publisher is rolling out some fun promotions. One big attraction to pre-ordering is that you get some limited edition specialty cards. The promo items will include 3 additional Landmarks: City Hall, Private Club, and Renovation Company!

Source: https://pandasaurusgames.com/blogs/news/pre-order-machi-koro-2


Each player wants to develop the city on their own terms in order to complete all of the landmarks under construction faster than their rivals. On their turn, each player rolls one or two dice. If the sum of the dice rolled matches the number of a building that a player owns, they get the effect of that building; in some cases, opponents will also benefit from your dice (just as you can benefit from theirs). Then, with money in hand a player can build a landmark or a new building, ideally adding to the wealth of their city on future turns. The first player to construct all of their landmarks wins!

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The Pandasuarus team will also be hosting Learn & Play events of Machi Koro 2 during Gen Con Indy (Sep 16-19).

Their team will teach you the rules of these new hot titles and then let you play a full game. What’s more: the $2 spent on your event ticket can be applied to the price of the game if you buy it at the show!

Get your tickets here!

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