Our Minecraft Builders and Biomes Farmer’s Market expansion review, what we have to say about the addition that provides new engine building paths to a delightful game that is part biome development and part adventurer build up and exploration. Farmer’s Market is an expansion, it cannot be played by itself, you need the original base game, Minecraft: Builders & Biomes. Based on the widely successful video game, the board game version does a great job of creating something true to the title but could also stand all on its own. This is the first expansion and as the title implies, it is all about adding a Farmer’s Market, where you can buy and sell items, into the game’s ecosystem. We broke down what it adds, how successful it was, and why it might be for you. Check out the Minecraft Builders and Biomes Farmer’s Market expansion review below.

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A brand new Minecraft adventure, right at your fingertips! Collect rare blocks and build spectacular structures, but beware of dangerous mobs and scheming opponents. In Minecraft: Builders and Biomes, players explore the Overworld, mine blocks, and build. Plan your builds carefully and elude danger to succeed. May the most clever and courageous crafter win.

During your turn you must choose and perform two different actions. You cannot perform the same action twice. Once you have taken your actions, play proceeds to the left. During the game there are three scoring rounds. The player with the most experience points when the rounds are over wins.

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The Farmer’s Market expansion for Minecraft Builders and Biomes features new paths to victory through your farmland. Grow vegetables, trade with villagers and secure unique items with powerful abilities to create the winning biome. This package includes 20 building tiles, 1 marketplace board, 18 item tiles, 32 vegetable tokens, 6 player skins, 3 item reference cards, 8 overview cards and 8 experience counters.

The new tiles generate resources and those resources can be spent at the market. Each item at the market is very unique and can do all things from moving your character, changing the rules of building or affecting your final score. An extra bonus, you get some new character looks in case you want to refresh your characters dress.


Yes, this expansion is successful in its mission. There are so many of these types of expansions where it is a resource in and then out (you get a resource and then you have options to use that resource) and so many of them feel like something over-complicated and convoluted that you are usually better off skipping. This adds a key anchored element that is integral to the flow of resources. If you play it, you are going to have to think about it in your overall strategy.


Minecraft Builders and Biomes does a great job of balancing two sides, one being the engine building of making your home environment better for higher scores, and the other being beefing up your adventurer to explore and take on the beasts you uncover. There is tons to do and many different paths to victory you could take. You never feel like there is one thing you need to do to win, and that is a result of great design.

That being said, on the overall engine builder and resource management intensity scale, there is not a ton to juggle. Not at all a bad thing, but if you want to kick those options up a notch, this does it. What else this does is hit the refresh button. Minecraft has great replayability because so much changes from game to game and you have tons of freedom in your paths, but even after many games, people fall into habits. People have identified their best way of winning and they tend to repeat what is tried and true. This changes everything and will make everyone rethink their strategies.


This is a great addition to keep things fresh. If you are a fan of Minecraft Builders and Biomes, played a bunch of games and are looking for that wrench to throw into the game to knock everyone off their comfortable paths to victory, this expansion does a great job and is worth checking out. The resource generation and then how you use those resources is strong. This is not some novelty, it fits in the overall balance of the game, so there are no complaints from us.

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