January 5, 2021 – Newscast is a series hosted by Sam Healy with Mythic Games January 21′ Game Updates directly from the publisher. Today they dropped their latest updates on titles Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, Solomon Kane, Super Fantasy Brawl, SteamWatchers, Enchanters: East Quest and HEL: The Last Saga. This was episode #39. The show kicked off back in March of 2020 after Sam left Dice Tower to join Mythic Games as the US Community Director.

You can watch the Video from the Mythic Games Blog below but the broad strokes are recapped here:

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

Gave a quick update on the Succubus gameplay update. They are working on final production now. A game with this many pieces is intense and it is taking time. Next steps is they hope to show you the Teutonic Knights scenario book in it’s entirety to get and implement some feedback, as well as, proofread.

Solomon Kane

Important shipping announcement, they are working hard to get it down but it is moving slowly. It is extremely difficult to book containers and ships right now due to Covid. They acknowledge they know you must be sick of that excuse but the fact of the matter is there is only so much space and it is very hard to get right now. As of their recording, two containers have just reached the North American hub and is scheduled to reach Jacksonville on February 5, 2021. This is not all of the North American stock but what they could get out for now. Some stock will hit their Asian distribution hub on January 20, 2021, but there is no update for the rest of the world.

Super Fantasy Brawl

Quick update on the Feldherr carry bag. Feldherr confirmed to them that all bags were shipped on December 29, 2020. Backers would have recieved any emails regarding this or anything but they should be expecting product arrival soon. These are coming from Germany.


They have finished the game in their end and now everything is in the hands of the manufacturer. One thing they will be sending out is the Lore book, which was for the core pledge. It is 36 pages long in A5 format. It is comprised of all the clan stories, a little bit about the world timeline, and a lot of art.

Enchanters: East Quest

The North American hub has started shipping. The European hub has received the games on December 28, 2020 and they will start shipping soon as well. Asia continues to ship, while Australia and NZ have finished. If you have not received product, or a notification that it is in route, reach out to their Mythic Games support to get that sorted.

HEL: The Last Saga

It is a busy development phase. They are in the process of making a big update to the rules to incorporate all the notes from the beta document, clarifying/modifying/simplifying and implementing the latest round of creative. Playtesting has helped with honing in on the right rules tweeks, for example, turns will now have five phases instead of four. There is much more detail about this clarifications than what is presented here. Watch the video for more.

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