UPDATED February 25, 2021 – The new expansion for Aeon’s End is now live on Kickstarter and it promises to be the epic conclusion of what was started with Aeon’s End Legacy. Already massively successful, at the time of this article’s publishing, the campaign has reached $320k (a 6.4x multiplier of their $50k goal) with 14 days remaining.

Since the game was originally announced a month ago, expectations for what was said to be the biggest set yet were high. Now that the campaign is live with all the details present, it is clear that Indie Boards and Cards are ready to deliver. There are several tiers with all sorts of content and tons of satisfying unlocks at different stages of the campaign.

Check out the Aeon’s End Legacy of Gravehold Kickstarter

January 14, 2021 – Exciting news dropped today on the Board Game BBQ Podcast of the new Aeon’s End expansion Legacy of Gravehold is coming To Kickstarter at the end of February 2021. This sounds like it is going to be the biggest expansion yet, with double the contents of any other expansion that came before it. Director of Game Development at Stronghold Games Sydney Engelstein, and VP of Game Development at Indie Boards & Cards Nick Little, who are some of the creatives behind the franchise, appeared on the industry beloved podcast Board Game BQQ to talk about all sorts of things. In the process, they shared tons of exciting tidbits about what is next for Aeon’s End (among other things).

Listen to the full episode – Episode 68 – Special Guests: Sydney Engelstein & Nick Little [TRT 01:24:15]

Some Key Takeaways:

21 Mages (Usually around 12)

11 Nemeses (Usually around 7)

Approximately Double Player Cards

Not A Beginner Piece, More For The Core Aeon’s End Audiences

Nemeses and Mages With Heightened Complexity (Trend For the Future)

The Most Expensive Due To Depth Of Content

Kickstarter Happening Near The End of Feb 2021

A Climax Of This Story Arc

**The discussion happens toward the middle of the podcast but you should listen to the whole thing.

Are you excited about the New Aeon’s End Expansion Legacy of Gravehold that is coming To Kickstarter at the end of February? Let us know in the comments below!