October 2, 2020 – Fantasy Flight announced a slew of new games, biggest being that new Arkham Horror TCG expansion The Innsmouth Conspiracy is here. The sixth deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror Card Game. They have been to a haunted hotel, the mean streets of Arkham, ancient Egypt, a terrifying dungeon, Carnevale, and now they are headed to one of the most interesting locations yet.

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There are not many board games out there that have as rich and as deep of story as Arkham Horror, and they continue to extend that tradition. The expansion is billed as a “twisting, time-jumping tale” that takes you into “half-flooded tidal tunnels and unnatural coves” on the outskirts of the city.

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Description from the Fantasy Flight website:

Not far from Arkham, the stooped and weathered town of Innsmouth squats on the Atlantic coast. An aura of decrepitude and decay hangs over the city like the ocean fog, from the weirdly glowing windows of the Gilman House to the deserted and toppling Fish Street bridge. Beyond the city limits, the Innsmouth shoreline is pocked with half-flooded tidal tunnels and unnatural coves. Who knows what strange, abyssal trinkets you might find, among the skeletons of fish and rotting seaweed?

The Innsmouth Conspiracy, the sixth deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, invites you to take your first steps in a twisting, time-jumping tale, starting with the campaign’s first two scenarios included in this expansion. From the heart of Innsmouth itself to the torturous coastline and beyond, these scenarios tee up an adventure that will continue to unfold across the subsequent six Mythos Packs. Far from including just two new scenarios, however, The Innsmouth Conspiracy brings five new investigators to the table with an undersea trove of player cards to support new types of decks—along with new mechanics for players to sink their teeth into, including keys, flood tokens, bless tokens, and curse tokens!

New Arkham Horror TCG Expansion The Innsmouth Conspiracy Game Box
New Arkham Horror TCG Expansion The Innsmouth Conspiracy Components

Ever since the original Arkham Horror: The Card Game came out in 2016 it has grown a huge following and spawned tons of new content. There have been deluxe editions and promotional content but this is the sixth big “standalone adventure” expansion.

Previous Arkham Horror TCG Standalone Adventure Expansions

Curse of the Rougarou (2016) – When one reporter’s sensational news about a series of savage killings fails to make its way into the Arkham Advertiser, your friend at that establishment decides to contact you, nonetheless, deeming the reports the sort of thing that might suit your eccentric curiosities. She’s right, of course, and when you head to Northside Station to book your ticket for New Orleans, you can’t possibly imagine the full shape of the horrors that await you.

Carnevale of Horrors (2016) – The sixty-two card, standalone scenario transports you to a city of masks and mysteries. While revelers throng the streets of Venice, masked conspirators advance their sinister agendas, shadows envelop the city, and something terrible rises from the lagoon. Also playable as a “side-story” for your ongoing AH:TCG campaign, Carnevale of Horrors challenges you and your fellow investigators to move swiftly among the masked revelers parading the streets of Venice in order to unravel a dreadful conspiracy. 

The Labyrinths of Lunacy (2017) – You and your fellow investigators are the prisoners of a mysterious mastermind — locked into a terrifying dungeon and forced to complete a series of twisted riddles to find your way to freedom. This scenario can accommodate as many as twelve investigators in its Epic Multiplayer Mode. Additional rules support standard tables and allow you to experience The Labyrinth of Lunacy as a three-part mini campaign.

Guardians of the Abyss (2018) – Called to Cairo to unravel a medical mystery, this pack throws you into the action of the linked scenarios, The Eternal Slumber and The Night’s Usurper and Arkham Nights 2018, respectively. With 78 beautifully illustrated cards to immerse you in the peril of an investigation that takes you to the deserts of Egypt and beyond, you must determine fact from fiction, wakefulness from dream, and sanity from madness. Step into a realm beyond your imagination and stop an ancient prophecy from coming to pass!

Murder at the Excelsior Hotel (2019) – After reports of strange occurrences at Arkham’s most prestigious hotel reach your ears, you are summoned to the location by a mysterious note. You are just beginning to properly conduct your investigation when you suddenly black out. Once you come to, you find yourself standing over a man’s body. Multiple stab wounds perforate his chest and blood covers the floor.


In addition to the new Arkham Horror Card Game Expansion, Fantasy Flight also announced 3 additional expansions for other titles. For Marvel Champions, the scenario pack “The Once and Future Kang”, for Legend of the Five Rings, the scenario pack “Atonement”, and for The Lord of the Rings , the scenario pack “The Fortress of Nurn”.

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