March 11, 2022 – Via a teaser trailer, the publisher behind the iconic franchise announced the new Catan Dawn of Humankind stand alone board game bringing the franchise back to the prehistoric era. The only other details released were a little synopsis blurb and that this new Catan title is planned to release in 2022.

CATAN returns to the prehistoric era with our upcoming title. Experience the Dawn of Humankind, as you guide the journey of the human family tree from its roots in Africa to the far reaches of the globe.

The original Settlers of Catan board game came out in 1995 and it changed everything, ushering in a new modern era of board games. It showed that games don’t have to be all luck and racing to a the same finish, that there could be victory paths and real strategic decisions to make that would decide everything.

It is so iconic that people tend to think of things in terms of the game. For example, take a look at this list of 10 Board Games After Catan. This is more about a mindset that you have just got your toes wet in the glory of strategic board games, now what. It is called one of the best gateway games out there (what you use to get others into the hobby) and though people are starting to say that newer games have far surpassed it, everyone agrees it is something you should experience for yourself.

Not only has the original Catan launched numerous expansions that enhance different aspects of the game, it has also launched completely different stand alone titles (like this one) that expand the overall universe. One popular example of this is Catan Starterfares, which brings you into space and gives you some additional mechanics that come with everyone having their own spaceship.

It will be interesting to see how Catan Dawn of Humankind will stand up to the hype of the franchise and/or other similar attempts at expanding the Catan universe.



You need to grow your empire. Each game is completely different because all the resource tiles and numbers on them are changed and randomized each game. These control everything. You need to build settlements and cities to gain resources that are going to let you build even more and ultimately lead to victory points for the win. Every turn starts with the roll of two dice and that number corresponds to one of five resource types on the board. If you have a presence on that tile (or tiles) you get that resource. For 3 – 4 players, games run about 45 minutes.

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