January 21, 2022 – Publisher Gale Force Nine has announced a brand new Doctor Who board game Don’t Blink! Don’t Blink references one of the most successful Doctor Who episodes of all time where statues got increasing closer when someone was not looking at them.

The episode “Blink” originally aired on June 9, 2007. Its official episode number was season 3 episode 10, though it was a reboot/continuation of the previous version of the show so it is not really the the 3rd season. The doctor was David Tennant, the companion was Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones and the showrunner was Steven Moffat. The main star of the episode, however, was a young Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow.

There was a great article written in 2017 entitled “10 Years Later Blink is Still Doctor Whos Finest Hour” by Will Mann that does a good job of pontificating why Blink was such an iconic episode of the show. It is a great call to turn this into a board game.

About Doctor Who – Don’t Blink

For 2 – 5 Players ages 14+, games run approximately 30 minutes each.

The TARDIS has crashed on a derelict spaceship, full of Weeping Angels: terrifying killers that can only be stopped by staring at them. But if you dare to stop looking, if you even blink, they’ll send you out of time. Will the Doctor and companions be able to get all the pieces to repair the TARDIS in time? Or will the Weeping Angels succeed where so many adversaries have failed before.

In Don’t Blink, up to four players control the Doctor and companions, attempting to collect four parts to repair the TARDIS and escape. One player takes on the role of the Weeping Angels and attempts to outmaneuver and capture them.

Doctor Who Don't Blink Board Game 3D Box

Gale Force Nine is the publisher behind the original Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy, among other rich and thematic products. They are a great candidate to bring a game like this to the table.

Source: https://www.gf9.com/

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