September 22, 2020 – A new HeroQuest game is coming from Hasbro it was announced during a major event. There has been a mysterious HeroQuest Countdown clock ticking down and now that it has ended, the long speculation of a new game has finally been confirmed. This has been demanded by fans for years and many pieces, like trademarks being filed, have made this an interesting story to follow. This seems to be the culmination of all of that. The description on the Avalon Hill site said this in the description of the game:

Deep inside another dimension, face battling barbarians and evil magic on a quest for adventure in a maze of monsters. This is HeroQuest, the fantasy adventure game, where winning means mastering the art of combat and magic. Once you get into it, you’ll never be the same.

UPDATE: The final total for the successful crowdfunding campaign reach $3,721,949 Pledged as of the November 6, 2020 campaign end date.

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Check out what’s included in the New HeroQuest Game:

HeroQuest Game System 2020 New
New HeroQuest Game Hero Characters

Look at those classes, just like the original HeroQuest board game, they are bringing back the Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard characters. The subtle updates while staying true to the original style is all over this project and thank goodness, because it is exactly what everyone needs.

Its All Kicking Off With a Crowdfunding Campaign on the Hasbro Site!

On Tuesday, September 22nd, the 45-day campaign kicked off with the goal of raising $1,000,000 before the clock runs out. This is done with two different levels, the Heroic Tier @ $99.99 and the Mythic Tier @ $149.99 (which is the base game plus two well worth it expansions).

HEROIC TIER ($99.99)

The Heroic Tier includes the core HeroQuest game system (featuring 71 highly detailed character and furniture miniatures) as well as 4 bonus hero miniatures and 1 exclusive miniature only available during the HasLab campaign.

MYTHIC TIER ($149.99)

The Mythic Tier includes the Heroic Tier offer (featuring 71 highly detailed character and furniture miniatures as well as 4 bonus hero miniatures and 1 exclusive miniature only available during the HasLab campaign) as well as 2 game expansions, 2 more exclusive figures, and all available unlocks.

You can pay right now!! Go to the crowdfunding site, Hasbro Pulse, here!!


This is clearly a masterful relaunching of the classic. The fans really care about this one and the designers are not going to do anything to screw that up. Especially when it is just people yelling “shut up and take my money” at you. Take a look at what goes along with the campaign:

HeroQuest Crowfunding Heroic Tier
HeroQuest Crowdfunding Mythic Tier


Also being true to the original, Hasbro and HeroQuest are launching two initial expansions:

Return of the Witch Lord – The Witch Lord lives! His foul sorcery has protected him from the power of the Spirit Blade. You must move fast if you are to stop him from raising a legion of undead.

Kellar’s Keep – Do you dare to delve into the depths of Kellar’s Keep? Crawling with sinister monsters and menacing goblins…are you brave enough to make the journey? The first HeroQuest expansion features more miniatures for your collection as well as 10 new epic adventures to test the power of your heroes!


The mysterious Hasbro and Avalon Hill HeroQuest countdown began about 14 days prior to the September 22nd announcement. The only thing that the page contained was the HeroQuest logo and a timer that was ticking down to something. There was plenty of speculation that it was about a new game, with many little clues preceding this announcement via countdown clock.

You have to give the folks at Hasbro and Avalon Hill lots of credit for this one. The marketing stunt of the HeroQuest countdown clock has been incredibly successful in drumming up hype. When the clock finally hit zero, the news was out and everyone immediately started talking. And waiting in the wings was a brand new crowdfunding platform from Hasbro to happily take your money. All things should be announced like the HeroQuest countdown clock!

Are you excited about a new HeroQuest Game? Are you backing? Let us know in the comments below!