October 1, 2020 – Funko has announced the release of five new holiday board games based on movies. The cult classic holiday films A Christmas Story, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Gremlins, Frosty The Snowman and mega-hit Will Ferrell starrer Elf are being made into a variety of different board games.

They all appear to be nothing special in terms of long term games, but they are just $7 each!! It is well worth buying any just to play once or twice to get the experience. It could be a great thing to do with the family over the holidays.

Funko has been going on a tear with game announcements as of late. It is well known that from Black Friday through new years, board game game business peaks at significant levels. They are most likely trying to prepare. They have been one of the most aggressive players in board games. They kick things off by launching the Funkoverse game and many expansions and have more lately announced big gaming properties like a Groundhog Day board game and Back To The Future board game.

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(1) Elf Snowball Showdown

Join Buddy the Elf in a surprise snowball fight! “Throw” a set of likecolored snowball cards at another player and they can return fire! When you’re the target, roll the jumbo snowball dice to dodge the icy barrage. When you get hit, take a snowball “splat” card-three hits and you’re out. In this frigid fight, the last elf standing wins!

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(2) Christmas Vacation Twinkling Lights Card Game

Clark Griswold is determined to hang 25,000 twinkle lights for Christmas, but tangled wires and a pesky squirrel are out to spoil the holiday spirit! Lay tiles to create Christmas bulb combos and score, but spotting the pattern you need among the twisted light-strings is no easy trick! Be the first player to match all three of your pattern cards to win the game!

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(3) A Christmas Story A Major Card Game

Help Ralphie Parker get the BB gun and decoder ring he covets at Christmastime! Peek at present cards, “triple-dog-dare” other players to make risky trades, and beware of the bullies who are lurking in the deck. If you have the infamous “leg lamp” you can swipe another player’s card, but act fast because you may not have the prized possession long. It’s a lively game of “take that” and family laughs just in time for the holidays!

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(4) Gremlins Holiday Havok Card Game

The Gremlins have gone from cute Christmas-gift pets to mini-monsters causing havoc around town, and you must stop them! Flip over cards to reveal favorite creatures from the classic movie. If you see a match, pounce fast to score. But beware, other players are on the prowl. And whatever you do, don’t get them wet or your chance of losing multiplies! When the sun comes up, the player with the most Gremlins is the winner.

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(5) Frosty The Snowman Follow The Leader Card Game

Frosty the Snowman is on his way to the chilly North Pole and you can march along! In this cooperative card game, move Frosty’s friends forward and backward to swap their places in the parade. Get the kids in the right order and you win!

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Are you excited about these new holiday board games based on movies from Funko? Which game is most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below!