October 25, 2020 – Game publisher Steam Forged Games is bringing something exciting and it is a new Pac-Man Card Game. The board game that promises to allow you to collect PAC-DOTS and fruit, use power-ups, and avoid the ghosts to win is launching November 13, 2020!

Your aim is to get the most points without being knocked out by ghosts. Fruit and PAC-DOT cards are worth points. Power up cards have special rules, like having two players swap hands. And three ghost cards will knock you out of the game!

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Licensing popular properties like tv, film, video games and books is nothing but the world is blowing up as of lately. As an example, check out our review of the Princess Bride Adventure Book Board Game that just came out, or this news story about some of the most iconic Christmas movies ever becoming different card games.

We are completely fine with it as long as publishers follow the golden rule. You need to be true to the property and you need to make a satisfying game with it. If you fall short in either of these areas, you are disrespecting the original property and wasting everyone’s time.

There have been Pac-Man games before. There was a board game in 2019 and a children’s card game in 1982. Neither of them made the board game hall of fame but that doesn’t mean the bar is low. Pac-Man is one of the most iconic video games of all time and deserves respect. This looks like it could be one that is a nice little slice of justice for the franchise.

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New Pac-Man Card Game Ghost Fruit Card

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