January 18, 2022 – The creative folks over at publisher The OP have announced a new SPAM Yahtzee. The publisher is a master of licensing (matching existing products to popular brands) being the ones behind the hundreds of different Monopoly versions, from Star Wars to Schitt’s Creek.

This new SPAM Yahtzee game is yet another feather in their cap because you really need to appreciate the genius of finding a way to update a game that originally came out in 1956.

This new SPAM Yahtzee is not the first time The OP has brought an interesting brand and the OD dice rolling game together. This new game joins that companies current stable of Yahtzee title that includes Cup of Noodles Yahtzee and National Parks Yahtzee.

In each game, the base rules that have you rolling and scoring stay the same, it is the theme and often the thing you roll with that brings the interest. In SPAM you roll the five dice in the classic container and in Cup of Noodles you roll the dice in a mold of the iconic styrofoam container.

YAHTZEE: SPAM Brand is for one or more players, ages 6 and up, and is available for $14.99 from your local game store or in The Op’s online shop. Get your friends together for a 30-minute game anywhere you need a mealtime activity!

“Sizzle Pork And Mmm.” The slogan that typically follows any mention of the mouth-watering snack not only has a similar ring to “Shake, score, & shout”, but abbreviates the four first letters and you’ve got a tasty and nostalgic name in food history and pop culture. SPAM Brand fans now have a quick and portable game with the look of their favorite treat for the most satisfying fun they’ve ever had to-go!

YAHTZEE: SPAM Brand’s realistic packaging is an instant callback to sit-downs with friends and family, while the functional SPAM can dice cup, six custom dice, and included notepad provide everything you need to play in a new way! The same rules you remember from growing up with the game apply: Roll all the dice up to three times to create the highest scoring results, with a chance that five-of-a-kind will let you yell “Yahtzee!” and collect 50 points closer to victory.

Foodies will find six delicious ways to enjoy the canned meat on each side of the five accurately hued dice, such as SPAM Sushi Roll, SPAM & Noodles, SPAM Musubi, Fried SPAM Sandwich, SPAM Kabobs and SPAM Fries! Match three of one and two of another for a bento box-like Full House, or any sequence of four numbers for a finger-foody Small Straight! A score pad and pencil are also included with the appetizing components to keep your running tallies cleanly.

Licensed Yahtzee Versions The Op

Source: https://theop.games/2022/01/yahtzee-spam-available-now/

Are you excited for the new Spam Yahtzee? Do you think making this was a good idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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