January 5, 2022 – It’s Skate Summer and you’re a skater riding the sun-drenched half-pipes of Pelican Park. This new set collection and push your luck sports game announced by publisher Pandasaurus Games is heading over to Kickstarter. The campaign will run from Tuesday, January 18 through Friday, February 11 (until midnight CT time).

The object of the game is to score the most points by doing trick combos, collecting goal tokens, and visiting S-K-A-T-E-R locations.

If any player’s score has hit or passed the endgame token at the end of the round, the game ends and players count up their endgame points. The player with the highest score wins!

Skate Summer Components

The game is played in rounds. Each round has the following phases:

  • COMBOS: Players simultaneously play trick cards, earn rewards, and roll dice to check their balance.
  • SKILLS & POINTS: Players simultaneously improve their skills and score points for combos.
  • MOVES: Players take turns navigating the park, picking up goals and gear.
  • ROUND END: Each player resets their board and draws up to their hand size, then the Pro Skater passes to the left.

Backers will have the option between two pledge levels: Retail Edition (limited stretch goals, eventually available in game stores) or Special Edition (all stretch goals, only available through the campaign).

2-5 players | Ages 14+ | Playtime 45-60 min | Designer: Randy Reiman | Artist: Pape Ink

Fulfillment is estimated to begin in summer 2022, with more precise estimates determined once the final product makes it onto a boat after production.

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Skate Summer 3D Game Box

A Fun Contest

Pandasaurus is hosting another fan naming contest, just like they did for Brew last year! Before these skaters can show off their awesome tricks, they need names!

Each name should have two lines, with a maximum of 8 characters per line (example: Punk Rocker, Kid Prodigy, Metal Head, etc). Please comment on our FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Discord server with your names!

From left to right, use the associated emoji so we know exactly which name goes with which skater:

🤘 Blond & tattoos

👾 Beanie & blue lipstick

📻 Boombox & sunglasses

👓 Glasses & hoodie

☕ Old Hipster

Each person who suggests a name we end up choosing will receive a FREE Special Edition pledge with all stretch goals! Winners will be chosen on Friday, January 14.

Source: https://pandasaurusgames.com/blogs/news/skate-summer-kickstarter

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